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Final Project

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Written reflection

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Project 3

“Wikipedia.” Women in Red. April 2023.

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Major, Angela.  “PBS Wisconsin.” Abortion takes center stage in Wisconsin after U.S. Supreme Court revelation. May 2022. 

Napikoski, Linda. “ThoughtCo.” Patriarchal Society Defined According to Feminism. Jan 2020.

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Project 3

For this project, my focus is on Project 2 about Women in Red. My goal is for this transcendental problem to reach more people but also to share a more generalized idea based in relation to patriarchal standards. I chose this project because is the one I relate the most with and I thought I could do a better work if I understood the perspective. I’m doing a “mashup” for this for it to be short and straightforward. I’m hoping to use current and memorable events related to women history. I also asked many people what the thought about this topic to get a better idea of how to make this project more understandable for the public. The only problem I had was finding a “femicide” image in English due to this problem is mostly known in latin America. If I could publish it on a well-known newspaper I probably would to achieve my main goal.

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Seven Day Log

Day 1: After hearing the instructions I tried making an account but couldn’t because of the IP. Later the same day I tried doing it at home but couldn’t make an account there either. So I decided to choose my woman in red for the meantime.

Day 2: I visited my grandma the next and tried making my account there and finally worked. I created my account and started watching videos to learn how to use Wikipedia since it was my first time using it to edit/create articles.

Day 3: I did the “Wikipedia Adventure” which was confusing for me at first but after a while I figured it out. It helped me a little bit, since as I said before, it was confusing. I had to watch many videos to figure out go to edit articles and more to create one.

Day 4: After learning more about the website, I stared my research. Connie Jimenez, the woman I chose, is well known in Los Rios since she’s the governor there and is also known as Miss Ecuador (2016) so I was surprised to find her name in the list.

Day 5: I started my draft on Google Docs and added many websites there with her information. I also found her social media which showed many things/accomplishments she had done lately. I also found a Wikipedia profile but it was in Spanish so I decided to translate it.

Day 6: When I finished translating the article I was ready to post it, or so I thought. I didn’t know it was going to be difficult to create an article but there was a whole process. I also had to follow a certain format which was expected but it took me longer than expected to of it.

Day 7: I finally posted my draft after watching many videos on how to post an article and revising it many times. Although my article was taken down, I liked doing this project. I wasn’t aware about the gender bias going on here since I don’t really use Wikipedia.

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Do school employees deserve more respect and pay?

I think school employees deserve more respect and pay. Looking back at my last year in high school and college, I realize how different it is. Many students don’t follow the rules and are usually rude to staff there, it is because of this that I think they deserve a higher pay. I went to one of the biggest schools around here and that meant there were many fights and the security guards usually said the pay wasn’t worth all the trouble. Additionally, it is shown that students learn more when teachers have a higher paid. I remember one of my teachers once told me she usually gets 4-5 hours of sleep because of all the assignments she had to grade and exams make. In my opinion, their hard work and stress should be recognized because without them students wouldn’t be able to learn.

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Film: These women were the unsung heroes of the Black Panthers Party

I chose this film because I was interested in the impact that women had in Black Panther Party. Although the video is short, it shares the most significant/important information, despite the fact that it doesn’t mention all women. First, Elaine Brown, the chairwomen of the Black Panther Party (1974-1977), a writer and therefore the editor for the party paper. I like the fact that she has books sharing her experience with the Black Panthe Party. For people that want to know more about the party, this is a great opportunity, knowing that some sites may have wrong or false information. Kathleen Cleaver, a female revolutionary, was involved in the civil rights movement. I noticed that they use the influence they have to help more their community. In the other hand, Angela Davis, writer and feminist, who left the party due to misogyny she experienced. I wonder what would have happen if she stayed with the Black Panther party.

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Interview Questions

My name is Mia, I’m majoring in International Business. For this icebreaker I chose “Where would you like to go in the world and stay for a year? Why?” I’m Ecuadorian so I would go to Ecuador to visit my family. I know it probably doesn’t make sense but I haven’t been there since 2019 and there are so many things about Ecuador I miss, besides my family. I’m planning on going this year for my birthday or Christmas.

The person I interviewed was Jason. He told me three things that he likes about himself; he’s a morning person, likes drawing, I saw some of his drawings last semester and I really like them, he’s really talented. He also said that he can eat almost everything. He also told me that he had two dogs; a Chihuahua and Schnauzer.

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