The Ten-Point Program

  1. We want social and economic benefits for all citizens and non-citizens, regardless of age, race, gender, and ethnicity, in the form of but not limited to: Social security, health care, therapy, self-care, etc.
  2. We want the fair trial of every case brought to court with the imposing of adequate sentences and representative juries; including punishment of any perpetrator who is impeding such justice regardless of their position.
  3. We want education to be free and accessible to all, with funding of every school not being in accordance with the income of the residents around it, therefore providing that the school is given proper resources.
  4. We want childcare to be free and accessible to all; employers should allow accommodation for parents/guardians to be excused within reason. 
  5. We want a raise in the minimum wage, ensuring that it applies to every state and ALL jobs.
  6. We want the refinement of the tax system, to which the process is handled more efficiently where taxpayers are not subject to figuring out what they owe; earning more does not cut benefits; and the introduction of new taxation on the rich.
  7. We want to stop all companies, software, and government from collecting personal data that can be sold or intrude on personal liberties.
  8. We want birth control to be free and accessible for all, with the encouragement of the development of birth control for male individuals so as to be held equally responsible as women.
  9. We want proper assignation of rent based on the living conditions of the home, meaning but not limited to: if the room allows for an individual to walk freely around each bedroom, if the heater/ac/fire alarm/paint are up to code, if the appliances are up to date, if it allows for up to 2 people to move freely between kitchen and bathroom areas. 
  10. We want the limitation of social devices for individuals in accordance with age to promote the growth of the mind for children and the promotion of human relations for everyone included.
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5 Responses to

  1. AMY LEE says:

    I completely agree with number 10. A lot of content on the internet can be dangerous and negatively affect the way young children think as they grow. Some content online should not even be seen by anyone.

  2. AMIR ASLAM says:

    I agree with the last one the most it makes me happy that I’m not the only who thinks we should fix that.

  3. ADAM MAPOY says:

    I completely agree with point 3. I believe absolutely everyone should have the right to be educated.

  4. ETHAN JUSINO says:

    I really enjoyed reading your 10 point program, especially number 10 because of the way that society is going now it sadly means that children can be more easily influenced by lies. My man issue with children having access to certain social medias is TikTok because that app is all over the place. Otherwise great job. Who were in the members of your group though?

  5. SUMMER GREEN says:

    I agree with many of the points listed in your ten point program but would also like to bring attention to the format of the document. I feel as though it is extremely well written and very clear exactly what is being demanded. There is also clearly special thought that went into this assignment, as you all thought of things I did not even get close to thinking of, like number 7. This is a great ten point program!

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