Film Review of: The Man Who Armed The Panthers

This movie was wonderful, it really showed how black panthers grew up under FBI suppression. My favorite characteristics about Fred Hamilton were his wisdom, calm, and selflessness, which were opposites of William O’Neal, the black Panther Party traitor.┬áDespite being offered money by the crown member, Hamilton chose to operate a clinic in the community to serve the people rather than use the money to escape over the sea, which demonstrates his value of people in comparison to himself in this revolution. In an ironic twist, William, who had faced a similar situation, became a threadman of the FBI in Black Panther Party after he was overcome by fear and greed.William O’Neal and Fred Hamilton symbolized the conflict between selflessness and selfishness during the American Revolution. Aside from the conflict between the leader and traitor, the film also illustrates the Black Panther Party’s influence on the community: Rather than being violent terrorists, they stopped violence between gangs and utilized gang power for the community’s benefit, they never robbed anyone of their money, they gathered and united people of all races to serve the community, they were never perpetrators, but rather victims of white dominant society at that time. The slogan will be yelled out one day again by another leader who stands up to unite the people:

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