10 Point Program

By Gabriella Gonzalez  

  1. Abortion Rights for All. We want Roe v. Wade to be put back into place, it is nobody’s business as to why someone may need access to a safe abortion anywhere in the United States and they should NEVER be punished for this basic human right to their own body. 
  1. Better Access to Mental Health Resources. A quarter of people who are homeless are mentally ill and just haven’t been given the proper resources to help them.  
  1. Gun Control Across the Country. Why is it this easy to own a firearm? Firearms should not just be handed out, so to say, we need to be much stricter in the distribution of guns.  
  1. Food is WAY to Expensive. As a basic necessity, needed to survive, food should not be priced how it currently is. This is causing families to go hungry across America and its appalling that no action has been taken.  
  1. Stop Animal Abuse. Over 6.5 million pets are abandoned each year and only 1 out of 10 dogs born will find a forever home, which is why spaying/neutering is so important.  
  1. Healthcare for All. In other countries healthcare is nowhere near this expensive.  
  1. Affordable Education. Why is college so expensive? The system is against us, college should be affordable for all, if not free.  
  1. Nobody Should Be Above the Law. In way to many instances, people of power have gotten away with crimes that “normal people” would go to jail for years for.  
  1. Justice for Rape Victims. Less than 1% of rape cases end in a felony conviction, this is sickening.  
  1. Women Deserve Equal Pay. It is the 21st century people, why is this still up for debate! 
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