7 Day Log

Day 1 

Starting out Professor Perry proposed the Wikipedia project and the 7 day log journal. I started out by creating an account that goes by the name of CoolPickle. I chose this name not because I enjoy pickles, I actually dislike them, but because I was too indecisive and went on a random username generator site to find a username. It was interesting because I had not had a Wikipedia account before this project, and so the process of creating an account was interesting.

Day 2

On day two, I logged on to Wikipedia, which was a piece of cake. It had an option that asked if you’d like to be logged on and not asked to enter in information for up to one year. Wikipedia was always bashed in every school that I attended, and I never understood why. Seeing that absolutely anybody can create an account and edit anything to their liking is what made me realize why it is not a reliable source. During this day, I did a lot of scrolling and saw a wide range of featured articles, news, trivia facts, and featured pictures. I thought that was interesting because I did not know that Wikipedia could actually be an interesting platform that had a page that displayed different things. 

Day 3 

On this day, I decided to check out the current events tab that lays to the left of the home page. I read about the Yemen Civil War, along with the Philippine Drug War. I found these to be informative and I was concerned about the Philippine Drug War because I myself am Filipino. My prayers go out to all countries with internal conflicts.

Day 4

On this day, I went and took a look at Wikimedia Commons, which was displayed to the right of the home page. I had no idea what it was, and so I did not know what to expect. What I saw was a page with random media that anybody is able to post. I thought that was cool because it functioned like a social media platform, except without the social part. I viewed many videos and pictures that I thought were informative and entertaining. 

Day 5

On this day, I took a look at the Women in Red project. There was a very long list, with many different names that were in red. Professor Perry assigned us to find a women activist, and so I was in search of one that I was the most interested about so I could learn more about them. I wanted to find an activist from outside the U.S. so I could learn about what their efforts were in their home country. On the list, there were a lot of names that had no other information filled up, such as there being no place of birth, no birthday, so and so. The large number of options made it hard to decide.

Day 6

On day 6, I finally decided. Although my original plan was to choose an activist outside of the U.S., I stumbled across a woman named Sarah Grossman. Next to her name stated that she was a BLM activist, and so that’s who I decided to pick. BLM is something I fully support, and so that was my reasoning on why I chose her. I proceeded to put my wikipedia name along with the name Sarah Grossman on the Excel sheet that was provided for us.

Day 7 

Today, here I am typing this final log. I went on Wikipedia and researched Sarah Grossman. What came up was a list of police brutality incidents that occurred during the protests. It was interesting because although a lot is unknown about Sarah Grossman, she had her own story just like everyone in this world, and she helped make a difference by being an activist for BLM. 

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    Sounds like you had quite the adventure Adam, great work

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