Discussion Post: What Is Your Secrete to a Happy life?

When I first read the question I felt like it was perfect to write about given the fact that I am finding out what makes me happy. This question has answers that one can write about forever but I have narrowed it down to two things. The first one being choosing yourself. This is significantly important to me and it took a while for me to work on and I still am. I know it may sound selfish but through life I have learned that sometimes its okay to be a little selfish. When I say choose yourself I mean to choose whatever makes you happy or gives you interest. In life you might get in situations you may not totally agree with just for others approval or satisfaction. For example college. Many of us know fellow classmates or even ourselves that are perusing something they aren’t interested in for the approval of parents or loved ones. This isn’t the only example that it applies to, there are many other cases where you have to choose yourself and do what make you happy despite others opinions. Everyone has their own path in life and the beautiful thing is that no one knows where they’ll end up so choose yourself, your future and happiness until you get to that point.

The second secrete to a happy life is to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a large crowd, the people you surround yourself with can make it feel at home. The people you surround yourself with can tell a lot about you and can have big affects on your life. If you are constantly around someone who makes you feel bad or uncomfortable this may decrease your overall mood and perspective in life. My advise is to surround yourself with optimistic and problem solving people. This will have a positive affect of your character and soon you will also practice these healthy habits yourself. I believe that people are a product of their environment but I also believe that we can alter our environment based on what we implement into our life. The people around you can sometimes make you or break you. It’s up to you to choose what’s best!

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4 Responses to Discussion Post: What Is Your Secrete to a Happy life?

  1. JING WANG says:

    I agree with you on being yourself. Self is something that people often question about themself. They don’t know what they truly like and would think more for others. It’s not like thinking more for others is wrong, but sometimes, think more for yourself. Instead of following others, pursue what you like to do. Happiness does not provide by others but by yourself.

  2. I agree with your idea of staying around with people that you are comfortable with, it’s really tired to stay around in an environment that you are not feeling comfortable with and wasting your time and patience with people you don’t really want to socialized with.

  3. EVAN RIVERA says:

    I often find my happy place being with the many friends I grew up with since middle school. We can hang out on and off the screen, but the energy is still there and that is exactly what I look for. I tend to stray away from new people but that is just me I like my friend circle.

  4. Im definitely with you on the fact that surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good is one of the main secrets to a happy life, this is because it reminds me of the saying that goes “you’re a product of your environment” and also “you become who you surround yourself with”, which both tie into the fact that the people around us, friends, family, etc, have a significant influence on our everyday moods and hence, happiness.

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