Day 1- The Start

Creating a Wikipedia account can be a daunting task for many people, but for some, it is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the world’s largest website. Such as creating username which is known as “WhatsGoingOnGuys,” when I began the process of creating their account with enthusiasm. Once my account was set up, I decided to embark on the Wikipedia Adventure, a game-like tutorial that teaches users how to edit and navigate the site. The adventure was definitely a ride, as it covered everything from the basics of creating a new page to the intricacies of citing sources and adding images. Despite the challenges I persevered and completed the tutorial with a newfound sense of confidence in their editing abilities. To further hone my skills.

Day 2- The Search

The ability to edit articles and create one’s own content has become an essential skill for anyone interested in writing or journalism. With this in mind, I decided to start looking at articles to see if I could edit them. At first, it seemed daunting, but with a bit of practice, I found myself getting better and better at it. I also decided to take things a step further and learn how to create my own page to write my own stuff. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but I soon got the hang of it and was able to create something I was proud of. I decided to go back to Blackboard and open the red list link again, hoping to find an article to edit or write about. However, as I scrolled through the list, I found myself torn between a few women who were on the red list. Each of them had a story that I felt was important, and I couldn’t decide which one to focus on. In the end, I didn’t pick one. Instead, I decided to take some time to reflect on what I had learned so far. Editing and writing are important skills, but they are just tools. The real value comes from using them to tell stories that matter. And to do that, I needed to choose a topic that resonated with me on a deeper level. 

Day 3- The Attempt

Wikipedia now displays that information based on having an account, so I took the opportunity to explore it. It surprised me that a lot of things on Wikipedia had no discussion forms at all when I checked out the Talk feature and View History Page. I felt tempted to just start a discussion and say “Hello”, but I considered it and decided there was no point. It was wonderful to see Wikipedia Talk:WikiProject Women in Red was active. People were discussing resources they had gathered or plans for further research. Two new comments appeared after I finished writing this.

Day 4- The Edits And Comparison

The challenge of searching for something doesn’t become apparent until you actually have to do it instead of stumbling across a new word and looking it up. I had no idea what I would need to do to take the first steps to edit a page, so I turned to Youtube and let the magic happen.A s soon as I clicked the “Edit Source” button, I felt an intense sense of pressure and anxiety. I thought Wikipedia’s policy would suddenly ban my account and tell me: “Don’t edit!” But after maneuvering. It was only a switch of words, but I never felt so proud. After maneuvering around the flash of code (Tip: Use the “Preview” to visualize the edits as you make them), I did my first edit. My first attempt at updating the image proved too complicated, I’ll come back to it later. Additionally, I didn’t realize that after editing, your edit would go under “pending review”. I thought it was editing, so now I’m concerned it won’t be approved by the reviewers.

Day 5- Research

I took a full day jus to learn about Adrienne Marie Charlotte Sahuqué, Using her given name on google, yahoo and chrome, I didn’t get any information about her nothing at all, it was like she was a ghost, unknown just because of her gender while she did great things. After researching around my “Red Woman ”, I started creating my first wikipedia page (I think it is a page or sandbox might be different). This just consisted of working around and playing around with the edits.

Day 6- After The Shocking Discovery

After that shocking discovery of lack of information about the person I was researching I decided to continue doing an essay about her so she’ll never be forgotten for what she did for this world and use whatever information I have on her to continue her legacy.

Day 7- The Beginning The Process

I had dedicated this paper about Adrienne Marie Charlotte Sahuqué the women who’s one of the women in red list. Even though on her page on women in red doesn’t have enough information about her there will only be a few sentences talking about her and her past.

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