What does your hairstyle say about you?

Recently, I have been very interested in haircuts, personally, I’ve been doing research on how to pick hairstyles, which ones best match my face, what type of hair I have, learning the names of popular haircuts, and much more. I’ve even tried curling my hair at night with foam sponge hair rollers, it would come out nice in the morning, but when I leave my house my hair would go back to normal. I’m still in the process of finding a haircut that fits me, so when I saw an article like this, it attracted my attention immediately.

This article asked students questions about their own hairstyles and what their hair means to them, the few responses I read acknowledged that hairstyles do indeed play a big role in a person’s personality but it also defines them, and I would have to say that I agree. Hair is an outlet where you can express yourself, you can color it, design it, style it, cut it, or even shave it all off. For example, recently I thought about cutting off my hair, I wanted to have a buzzcut, but when I brought it up to my parents, they told me a buzzcut could look good, but believed that my hair defined me. When I asked them what they meant, they told me that for years I had been growing my hair to have a middle part, and a middle part with glasses looks very intelligent but can also be styled to look lazy. That’s the way I am, they told me, some days I can be intelligent, and other days I’m a lazy person who can’t get out of bed. The more I see myself in the mirror every day, the more I see what they mean, and it kinda bothers me that they might be right.

This was one hairstyle from the article that I like a lot.


^ This is a link to the article 🙂

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3 Responses to What does your hairstyle say about you?

  1. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I think the same, that someone’s appearance shows a little of them. During the last 3 years I tried many different haircuts, not to mention that I dyed it many times. Hair is like an accessory so it’s ok to try different things, it will eventually grow back.

  2. EVAN RIVERA says:

    I often didn’t even consider how much hair affects our appearance, it was always kept short for me. Only when I got to quarantine I could really see how much my hair could grow altering my appearance greatly and shocking my fellow peers. It is kind of like makeup for guys plays a role in their rizz.

  3. Its ironic to see this topic because i too have been trying to figure out new styles for my type of hair which is usually harder to work with since it is more coarse. So I definitely found it interesting the new ways this article influenced you to try new hairstyles and gave you new ideas because i relate and will be trying new styles soon too.

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