My 7 Day Log: A Personal Battle

Day 1: I was very nervous about this project, not knowing exactly what to expect from it as I’ve never done anything like it before. I started by creating my wikipedia account under the username “MotionsickSpaceman”. I hoped the masculinity of the username would allow me to be seen as a man and therefore my edits were more likely to be left alone. Then I started becoming familiar with the Wikipedia Adventure.

Day 2: I felt even more discouraged this day. Wikipedia looks very “code-y” when you edit on it. Everything is in colons and brackets and its really confusing. Honestly, I quit early this day.

Day 3: I started to see a glimmer of hope this day. I went back to the Wikipedia adventure as it was what I was most comfortable with and found a button that makes the text box look like English again instead of R2D2 language. I logged out soon after discovering this.

Day 4: I spent this day becoming even more familiar with the editing side of Wikipedia. I edited Cardi B’s wikipedia page with something really simple. I remember Prof. Perry telling us about a librarian at BMCC who added the college to the body of the wikipedia page. This is when I realized that it was not in the info card and decided to add it. I also tried to add a picture to Flo Milli’s Wikipedia page but had no idea what I was doing.

Day 5: I felt a little more confident this day and attempted to begin creating the wikipedia page for Ayanda Candice Sibanda. I tried to add simple things like her name, age, where she was born and what she did because I had little information on anything else. After many attempts I eventually left it in my drafts because it looked ugly.

Day 6: I felt bad about abandoning the project after talking to someone else about the Women in Red project. I spent the day telling myself I would return to it, only to put it off several more times and procrastinate some more. Eventually, much later that night, I returned to it and made a little more effort. This is when I found a button that made my wikipedia page a little easier to see and understand.

Day 7: I still wasn’t confident in my article and so I decided to do some more research. I searched for what felt like ages but could not find any real information about my Woman in Red. I spent the time dedicated to the project accumulating as many sources as I could, most of which were from sites with a Zimbabwean or Australian domain.

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3 Responses to My 7 Day Log: A Personal Battle

  1. I definitely felt you on the fact that Wikipedia jsut gives off the code-y vibe and 100% looking at it for the first time knowing i would have to actually use it intimidated me because of how complex it seemed. But at least you got something figured out in the end and im sure i speak for both of us when i say this, experiencing the site is something we’ll thank ourselves for later on, despite the complexity.

  2. Looking at it in hindsight, the format Wikipedia had, really did look like R2D2 language. I still don’t even know if I did the work correctly, it was so confusing for me. Good writing!

  3. HOPE KI says:

    Definitely agree with you when you said that Wikipedia seems a bit difficult to edit because it looks very “codey.” I also had some adjustments to do while reviewing some of the work because it looked like a different coding language. Thank you for sharing that insight!

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