For this project Jing, Jianping and I are going to reimagine project 2 by creating a podcast. We are going to discuss the issues that are going on in Wikipedia towards female editors. Those negative harassment and actions that the female editors had faced while writing in Wikipedia. The unfair treatment that the female editors had faced. Also the huge gender gap in Wikipedia.

Comparing podcast to essay, podcast might have a lower percentage that the audience won’t be able to focus and finish the whole argument. Podcasts are also shorter and it’s a faster way of understanding what the podcast is trying to tell. Some challenges that we might face is that it might be hard to catch the audience’s attention and that we can’t throw evidence to show the audience. This will just make it no big difference from an essay. For this podcast we are planning to talk about what we faced or had seen in Wikipedia towards females. The primary reason for why we had chosen this topic is because this has been a huge issue in Wikipedia and that it had been there for a long period of time with no solution. Also that it seems like not everyone had realized that these issues had been there for a real time. For example, before doing project 2 I didn’t know that there was such a big gender gap in Wikipedia. All I know is that not all information in Wikipedia is reliable. So this is really important for us to tell the audience the issues that have been going on in Wikipedia.

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  1. Thank you for being honest for not knowing about Wikipedia’s gender gap! If you mention that in the podcast, it will feel more reliable to know because it will convey to the audience that they are not alone for not knowing this information and will be intrigued in listening to what y0u have to say. I also look forward to know how you’ll make the podcast, will it be in person or on a zoom? It will change the way it sounds and how you interact because if it is in person, we will maybe here more of a connection between you guys than just online.

  2. Podcasts sound difficult in the aspect of making sure that audience is listening and taking in any information being told. What I like about podcasts is that one is able to state and talk about their opinion. It is a conversation that anyone could have, the difference is that many can hear and listen to it. Good luck with the project and I can’t wait to listen to it soon.

  3. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I am excited to hear your podcast it sounds very interesting

  4. HOPE KI says:

    I am also planning on doing a podcast as well! Super excited to hear what you have to say about what Wikipedia feels toward female editors. What made you decide that you wanted to do a podcast? Personally, I listen to them every day and feel educated through them!

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