7 day log kinda

I did not do the 7 day log when I was beginning work on Wikipedia so instead of doing that and lying about it here is a description of my experience with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was not such a user-friendly site to adventure through during my first couple of days on it. I was struggling to find a place to start at, which came easier over time but it still took me a while to figure out where to begin. Once I started my editing it ran smoothly from there. Every once and a while I would experience an issue with the speed of the website. It seems a bit outdated when it comes to editing, and I would’ve thought that one of the biggest and known sites of all time would be easier to pick up and use.

I made discoveries along the way which helped my understanding of gender bias as a whole. While I explored Wikipedia I came across many pages of women who were notable that should have had more information on them. I compared these to those of men who had similar roles in history and the differences are drastic. These men who might have even done less in society to make a difference for hundreds of years into the future as these women have more information written about them. This was a crazy realization, before doing this project I had absolutely no idea about this gender bias which takes place on one of the most used websites of all time.

Once I did my research and got my information together on my woman in red, Vivian Lucille Pierce, I began writing in the style which Wikipedia articles are written in. Starting with stories about her early life and personal information and then moving into the middle stages of her life. This part includes the things that Pierce should be known for, she was a fierce fighter and advocate for women’s suffrage. The rest of the Wikipedia adventure was smooth from there on, not too many problems did occur.

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