Creative Remix Proposal

For the Creative Remix Project, I will be choosing my project 2. In this essay, I wrote about gender bias on Wikipedia and about my Woman in Red. I will also add elements of Feminist Theory and the Patriarchy, as they were mentioned in my essay. I will be doing a podcast, roughly 8-10 minutes long, and I will be having a guest speaker. I will make the podcast a simple conversation between two people. I am planning on diving deep into reasons for gender bias and want to incorporate ways to combat it. 

I believe that the change of medium from an essay to a podcast will make the topics more impactful. With a podcast, viewers are hearing, rather reading, the information. The use of voices could impact the emotional aspect, as when a person on the podcast may exclaim shock, the viewer may exclaim shock as well. This would add to the impactfullness of the information being given. Since the podcast will only be a couple minutes long, I think it would make sense to speak about the most important topics about the essay, and in this instance, it would be gender bias on Wikipedia. I will be taking sources into account. The hard part will be squeezing the information to make it only a couple minutes, which is why we will only be mentioning the most important parts of the essay. I decided to choose a podcast because it is something that I have never done before, and doing it would be fun. 

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