Creative Remix Reflection

My decision to use project 2 instead of project 1 when doing my creative remix project was an easy one for me. Feminism and wanting women and men to be equal is something I try and always stand up for, so when the choice was given it was quick. I found out information on the woman in red I chose, Vivian Lucille Pierce by looking up her name on google. I only really came across one or two websites which had any relevant information for what I needed. But the information from these sites was enough to be able to know about the life of Pierce.

I believe using a presentation on slides or powerpoint is a much more effective method of spreading your information to the audience. The attention span of college students nowadays has been depleted almost to extinction, every couple of minutes they look down to their phone and stop paying attention. With this being known, the best way to grasp the attention of the audience is with a slides presentation. Instead of just delivering an essay or written piece verbally to the audience. I personally am in this group of people who have trouble paying attention to straight lectures so when there is something I can look at on the screen it makes it much easier to gain knowledge from it. The use of this multimedia format rather than just a written essay is beneficial to the effective spread of information from presenter to audience. 

The choice to use slides for this project was easy because of how accustomed I am to the program. Now, originally I was going to use powerpoint, a program I have been using since elementary school. But due to technology complications I was forced to use Google Slides, which unfortunately does not have the same creative capabilities as powerpoint. I tried my best to customize the presentation but there really isn’t much you could do on Slides. To add to this issue the fact that Vivian Lucille Pierce has a whopping total of one photo of her on google, which I am not even completely sure is a picture of her. This did not help my goal of creating an immersive presentation to teach my audience about the women in red I chose. Regardless, I tried to make it look as good as I could, using one of the few ‘themes’ on Google Slides to make it look a little better on the eyes than just a plain white and black slideshow.

Sharing my work in a public venue beyond the classroom would require much more work and understanding of the topic. I am assuming that a public venue beyond the classroom would imply that we are pretending I would be giving this presentation to a group of people who have no clue about the project or information I am sharing with them. If this is the case then I feel that I am pretty confident that with my topic and slideshow, I could give a good presentation. With showing off a presentation like this to people that have not a clue what is being discussed beforehand, it is good to be on top of background information even not shared on the slideshow. This will make you look like you’re very fine tuned with the information on the topic and in their eyes see you as a viable source of information. If these people do not see you as a trustable source, or if you seem like you have no idea what you are talking about then it would be hard to garner the attention of every person in the audience for the length of the presentation.

The knowledge I have gained from this class over the semester as well as ENG 2100, and my previous high school classes helped greatly with the way I am able to write and finish these projects. 

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