The Edifice of Accumulated Texts (Otherwise colloquially referred to as the Library)

Long title…took me all of forty seconds to think of it, and five minutes to make sure it looked somewhat coherent. To the topic at hand, the library at Baruch was certainly much more accomodating than I had initially expected. I had taken a walk in the library prior to the tour and didn’t really look around much, so much of the information was relatively new to me. The option to rent textbooks and laptops for various periods of time is an idea that I had thought would never come to fruition, especially in the society we live in today. Having only seen a little of the actual texts in the library, I can assume that there is material in every subject from every corner of the globe that students borrow, read, and learn from every day of their life at Baruch. It goes without saying that the library is extremely quiet, and with comfortable enough furniture to enjoy a quick nap, I expect friends to make frequent trips to the library. Also, the idea of study rooms that can be rented out is a great idea, albeit I doubt that there will be an available room as finals and midterms loom. As resourceful and powerful the internet can be, I feel that Baruch makes information accessable to those less technologically inclined or those with computers that happened to “break down” a few days before a paper is due.

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  1. aiman.tariq says:

    I agree with you 100%. Baruch library is very different from many of the other libraries and its really resourceful!

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