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Club Fair

It was pretty interesting. All the clubs n stuff and all the food. Like honestly, i signed up for some of the clubs just for the food. One club was giving our apple pies…who can resist. =). But i also signed up for some of the clubs like archery and some online gaming club.  There were a lot of clubs and there was even a competition for one of em. Who could do the most push ups was the only one i saw. One guy cheated and he won. Not cool. The asian guy shoulda won for those who saw it. So overall the club fair was fun.

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Community Service

I’ve been doing several community services throughout high school and I have learned a lot of things you can’t learn in school. The one community service I was involved in the most is called KOTO (Know One Teach One) which is a NPO for street kids in Vietnam. I taught the kids who are similar age as me English and Japanese. Through the interaction with them I realized that they appreciate every single thing they receive; from clothes, food, teachers teaching them lessons and so on. The kids taught me I should be thankful for what I have as I am not satisfied with what I have and try to get more. Just by hearing the words thank  you made my days and made me want to help them even more.

Another community service that I have done is called Operation Smile, which started from the states. Operation Smile mostly helps children who were born with cleft palletes and give them free surguries so they obtain nomad lips and are able to eat and suck liquids. Other than cleft palettes, Operation Smile helped people who were severely burnt in Vietnam. When I was in Vietnam, I went on a 3 day trip to the south to help doctors with their surgeries for adults, babies and kids who were burnt all over their bodies and faces. It was shocking and painful to hear all the stories of how they got burnt; but when I saw the patient’s and their families’ smiles and satisfaction after the patient received a successful surgery, there was nothing more to say. I admire the work the doctors have been doing for people who are in need and it made me want to help others who need support from others. So after all, I believe community service not only helps the people who need a helping hand, but also grows yourself into a new person with more knowledge, caring thoughts and a warm heart

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Club Fair

The club fair was completely different from what I expected: music, chill and friendly atmosphere. All the clubs seemed entertaining and fun to join. I signed up for a couple of clubs which interested me the most and hope to become a member in the near future. The best part of the club fair was the dougie contest; Tomiko was amazing. she kicked butt the contest! I was amazed by her super skills. The part where each club was trying to attract people by giving out snacks and drinks were cool too.

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club fair

yeah kinda late but anyhoo. went down there and saw that there was a LOT of people and music which made me want to dance now and then while i was walking. i saw a lot of clubs were giving out candy and foods and some of the clubs were really interesting. i found a dance team that i’m planning on trying out for. it was pretty cool that there were competitions too. i really wanted to take a balloon! it sucked that i left before the dougie competition lol but i wanted to find out where the dance studio was so i could go one time.

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Club Fair

The club fair was a lot more fun and exciting than I thought it would be. It was also a lot better than the little fair they had at convocation because that was mostly frats, whereas this had  more variety. I had already joined AIESEC and that seems like it’ll be a pretty big time commitment so I wasn’t sure if I’d join anything else at the fair. But I also signed up for the Finance and Economic Society and the Archery Club. I think archery could be interesting and the bows are pretty badass. Also neither of those clubs make it mandatory for you to go every week so I think I’ll be able to balance my schedule still. AND I saw Tomiko dougie-ing in front of a hundred people, she did really good.

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Who I think I am

I’m a student, son, and Brooklyn Tech graduate. I like to hang out with friends, go shopping, and sleep.  I enjoy eating seafood and like desert.

I’m a little worried about slacking off. I tend to procrastinate at the worst times. I’m concerned about the 2.25 GPA cutoff for the Zickin School of Business. My classes also start quite early, as soon as 8:15 on Mondays and Tuesdays. In my last year of high school I was late for an 8:45 class almost every day.  I also have a two and a half hour break every day.  I currently do last minute work during my break, but with the intention of better organizing my time, I wonder what I’m going to be doing for that long.

While the freedom to leave between classes already makes the Baruch experience quite different from my high school experience, I get the same feeling as I did in high school. I’m worried that my first semester is going to be a repeat of high school. I tend to the bare minimum needed for passing and not my best. In class, teachers lecture and many do not care if students are asleep or distracted. The homework consists mainly of reading the textbook and I know it can be quite easy to get lost under a backlog of work and be unprepared for tests.

I think by the end of my second semester at Baruch, I hopefully will have better organization skills, stop procrastinating, and consistently go to the gym.

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Who do I think I am?

This is such a broad question.

If you cannot read the smaller font under the title of this post, my name Lawrence Kuang. I am a guy, a younger brother, an intelligent student, a well mannered son, an athletic, but lazy person. If you look closely, my right eyelid is actually lower than my left eyelid so sometimes my eyes would be like this O.o . Also some of my friends say that I have double eyelids as opposed to single eyelids, but the problem is that I’m too lazy to actually open my eyes wide enough for others to notice that I have double eyelids. I honestly don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s an interesting thought. At times I have these motivational bursts. Like when I got a guitar, I couldn’t wait to play it and hurry to become really good at it, but the problem is that these bursts don’t last very long. After a month or so I just stopped playing the guitar and now it’s just collecting dust until the next time I get another motivation burst. I like math. I like to analyze math stuff and solve difficult problems, which makes me pretty upset that I don’t have to take math this semester, since I finished BC Calc in high school. During orientation they told me that for business majors calculus is the highest level of math I need to take. That sucks.

One of my concerns about my freshman year of college is what I should do during my 2hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The last couple of weeks I’ve been rushing for a fraternity, but since that’s over now, there isn’t much to do for 2hrs. The Tuesday of this week I studied for a Sociology quiz, but what should I do today? Another concern is my time management. For example this post, I wrote it at the last minute because I forgot all about it. I need to really manage my time better.The third concern is staying awake during my lecture classes because it’s not easy. The professors don’t really care what you’re doing since there are more than 100 people in the room, so even if I do fall asleep the professor isn’t going to say much. It’s hard to stay awake at times knowing that I can fall asleep. But I try not to. It’s hard.

Baruch College gives me more independence to do stuff. In high school it’s just class after class with 5minutes to get to the next class and there’s lunch, but I was pretty much confined by the fact that I have to stay within the school where there isn’t much to do. In college I could go to the basement and workout, play handball or even just go outside and chill during my breaks. I just need to find out what to do during my breaks.

The first year of college will change me by making me a better student. (I ran out of words and I no longer want to think. Win-win. This doesn’t count by the way.)

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Who do I think I am…

I’m often referred to as Jeffrey Leung. I am two sides of the same coin. I have good friends, but I have no good friends. I am aware of what is around me, but not what is close to me. I am aloof, but usually with company. I know of other’s secrets, but others know none of mine. I offer one hand, but arm the other. I know others, but others know naught of me. I am a perfectionist, but also a procrastinator. I am a leader, but I am also a follower. I walk with the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I sit without a care in the world. I function in reality, but think paradoxically. I am cynical, but hope for otherwise. I am shallow, but also deep.

I will ride the winds as they come forth and hope the experience shapes my existence, for I am incomplete.

My concerns are few, but I can say the top three pertaining to my freshman year are:

1. Trying to get employed and, once I do, balancing it with my education. I’ve never been employed and I want to start working to ease the efforts that my family gives to keep me in Baruch. I don’t want to always rely on them; rather I want them to rely on me at some point, so I can repay them for my upbringing.

2. Failing tests or midterms is something that weighs heavily on me. I have a mentality of never studying to promote my memorization skills, but that can only get me so far. Studying has been a vague concept for me, since my understanding of it was always warped. I never enjoyed reading textbooks; something about the formalized text promotes an extremely dull mood that causes me to procrastinate. I never applied what I learned because often I never found use for them in the real world.

3. Writing papers is something I, among others, always tend to do at the last possible second. Personally, I think writing while stressed brings out a higher quality in my work compared to writing it beforehand.

To me, Baruch and Brooklyn Tech share many qualities together: population, crowdedness, the air of difficulty, and so on. However, the flexibility of scheduling will definitely work to my benefit. With my commute time halved compared to high school, in addition to a later starting time; I can afford to get the sleep I’ve always wanted. There are some interesting clubs and organizations, but I’m interested in forging my own. I’ve always hated my decision to go to Brooklyn Tech, but I doubt I’ll have a similar feeling for Baruch. To me, high school was a four year barefoot walk over broken glass. But it was rewarding to arrive at the prestigious institute that is Baruch College.

I doubt I’ll change much, save for losing (or gaining) some weight. I’m quick to adapt, but slow to change.

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Who do You Think You Are?!

Who do I think I am? I think my name is Mordakhay Kholdarov. I think that I’m a student, brother, son, cousin, friend, stranger, and pretty much everything else with respect to other people. But who am I with respect to myself? Well…I am the center of the universe, the epitome of a tall, dark, and handsome fellow, with less stress on the dark and more on the handsome. Who I am to me is a question that calls for an extremely subjective answer, meaning that it is hard to find my true personality when looking for it through my own self loving perspective. I got it! I am a body of flesh and blood, whose sole purpose in life is to live it, in a manner that is at the detriment of another, hence the notion of me being a self loving individual. That’s way too philosophical and boring. What I’m trying to convey in the least in-depth philosophical way is the fact that I am the making of my surrounding environment; I am who my environment has and will make of me. The question now is who will I become as a result of being influenced (whether positively or negatively) by my new environment-Baruch College.

I am concerned about my freshmen year at Baruch College, not only because of how it will change who I am, but because I’m scared out of my pants every time my professors announce a test coming up in the immediate future. I DON’T LIKE TAKING TESTS. I get nervous and am prone to messing up so bad, that I regret setting my alarm the night before the test. But most importantly, I am concerned about having gone to college without finding a decent job after, for reasons that are obvious. I miss high school. The other day, I actually visited my school and found it extremely easy to climb up the stairs and not only that, I found that my teachers still remembered me three months after summer break, unlike the teachers here who will forget you five minutes after class is over and of course you can’t blame them, you have to blame the school population. However, regardless of how different Baruch is from the previous school I attended, I am eager to spend this year in college in a way that will shape me as the responsible tall, dark, and handsome fellow that I am supposed to be (according to society of course). Lastly, I hope everyone gets out of Baruch what they need to strive as a human being in life both personally and professionally!

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Who do you think you are

I’m Mana Kanatsu, a full Japanese college student who is satisfied with where she stands (at least for now). I was born in NY (Rye) and lived there till I was five. After NY I moved to Shanghai for a year during one of my kindergarden years. The country after Shanghai was Japan. In Japan, I changed cities three times and schools four times. Spending half of my life in Japan, next came Vietnam, which was from 2009 till I moved to NYC. So when someone asks me “so where are you from? who do you think you are?”; it’s clearly hard to describe it in one sentence and most of the time they get confused what I am. I think I am passionate in whatever I am fond of, for instance, traveling, running, drumming, reading series books, cleaning, washing dishes, picnics, chilling at beaches and many more. From  what I have experienced in several countries including developed as well as developing countries, I like to tell my unique stories to people and make them laugh. Throughout my life I’ve done so many things so make people laugh. I’m also a good listener, and like to comfort people when they are in a bad mood.  Some people say I look scary at first sight, but that’s just because I always stare at one place and locked up in my own world. So no need to worry.

My top three concerns during freshman year are…

1. Failing classes and not getting enough credit for passing my first year (that will really suck)

2. socializing with people and making friends. As Baruch is a commuter school, I always had this as one of the concerns; rather than hanging out at the campus, people just go back home. Also since I didn’t go to a high school in NYC, I really don’t know anybody from this school.

3. making my own lunch everyday; I used to have cheap lunch at the cafeteria in high school; now it’s pretty expensive at our cafeteria with not many choices. Or should I just nibble on the $1 pizzas?!

I think joining club organizations will change my college experience different from my high school experience. Even though I joined club organizations in high school, the clubs in Baruch will expand your connections and even will give you the opportunity for internship for top notch companies. I also feel like I will be one step towards being an ‘adult’ as I have all the freedom as well as responsibilities to all the actions I take.

The first year of college will make me grow (even if it were one step) as a human being. I will need to decide everything by myself including time management, organization, self-decipline, etc. There will be tons of stepping stones throughout my freshman year for me to develop. The more I make mistakes, the more I will grow. 🙂

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