How I like Baruch so far

Hi guys I guess this will be the last blog post since we only have two more classes 🙁
i really enjoyed our freshman seminar, small homie class. I really gained a lot a new info from this class that i will hopefully be able to pass down to the new coming freshmans next year.
So what I like about Baruch so far, three day weekend (everybody enjoys that), the fact that I thought the core curriculum classes would all be boring but ended up being really good and useful (except for music), freshman seminar, and the club activities. what i dont like about baruch is that it’s a commuter school so it’s hard to make connections with people unless you really engage in the school activities. oh i also like the libraries and especially the scenarios where people take up two sofa chairs to sleep 🙂
That’s about it. I hope we all keep in touch even after this semester ends!

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