Last Post ='(

Sucks that we only got one more freshman seminar class. This class isn’t really like a class, it’s more like a get together and chat thing. It’s fun and all except for the parts when Karen asks us the question of the week, and we have to think. We should have a party and maybe even take some pics. O=
So. I like Baruch. My experience so far in Baruch has been pretty good. All this free time to just hang out and classes that aren’t too hard. The thing i have about Baruch is that it’s a “vertical campus.” If by vertical campus they mean it’s a vertical building, then all other colleges also have vertical campuses. o.o” “Vertical Campus” seems like just an excuse to cover up the fact that they don’t really have a campus which kinda sucks. Other than that my experience at Baruch has been pretty fun, just meeting new people and chilling during club hours.

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My experience at Baruch so Far

So far it’s pretty good. I’m still meeting new people and having new experiences.  I’m working on my lateness problem, and had to drop pre cal because of it. I’m worried about getting a bad schedule next semester because I’m registering so late. Finals are coming and I’m a little scared… But after finals are done, there’s a really long break in between semesters … Yay 🙂

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Baruch Update

Oh no! Freshman seminar is almost over! ): It sucks to know that because it was probably the only class I enjoyed going to except for being the earliest class of my week. I really liked that it was really small instead of a huge group. Baruch has been a lot of ups and downs so far. Though mostly it reminds me a lot of how things were like in high school for me there’s a different aura of being in college now that is really fun. The professors are really helpful except for maybe a few that I still need to learn to catch up with. I’m still not used to how different their teaching and learning methods are like even though it’s been a couple months already. I really like study groups and the help from the people I’ve met. I’ve even met someone from my middle school that I never knew back then. I also really like the clubs, the three day weekend every week, and the dollar pizza for lunch. I can’t wait to meet more people and learn different things. Hope we all still keep in touch! (:

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Final Post

Baruch now is better for me than it was the first day. I feel like I know what to expect out of the rest of the year and what challenges I’m going to face. The difficult thing is going to be getting over those challenges – mostly staying motivated in class. What worries me now is that because I have a crappy registration time, I won’t get the classes I want and that’ll just make me less interested in school. One of the things I like best so far is AIESEC, the club I’m in. I’ve met a ton of people through that club and I’ve been able to chill with them a lot. I also really like the pizza in the cafeteria cause there’s lots of toppings and it’s less than $3. By now I’m not really focusing on the things that I don’t like about Baruch. I’ve talked to some of my best friends about their colleges, that aren’t commuter schools, and their schools don’t seem that amazing either. So far college hasn’t been what I hoped it would be but I’m expecting it to get better. Freshman seminar has been an interesting experience. There have been both positive and negative aspects to it.

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How I like Baruch so far

Hi guys I guess this will be the last blog post since we only have two more classes 🙁
i really enjoyed our freshman seminar, small homie class. I really gained a lot a new info from this class that i will hopefully be able to pass down to the new coming freshmans next year.
So what I like about Baruch so far, three day weekend (everybody enjoys that), the fact that I thought the core curriculum classes would all be boring but ended up being really good and useful (except for music), freshman seminar, and the club activities. what i dont like about baruch is that it’s a commuter school so it’s hard to make connections with people unless you really engage in the school activities. oh i also like the libraries and especially the scenarios where people take up two sofa chairs to sleep 🙂
That’s about it. I hope we all keep in touch even after this semester ends!

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Formal Email

Hello Professor,

I am writing to you with regards to yesterday’s midterm. I was unable to attend class yesterday because my grandfather had collapsed and I was the only one who was able to bring him to the hospital. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but can you allow me to make it up?

– Lawrence Kuang

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My Monologue.

Yo. I know most of you, but I guess there’s one or two of you I don’t really know, so I guess I’ll tell you guys about myself. My name’s Lawrence. I’m a freshman at Baruch College, graduation from Brooklyn Technical High School. I live in Brooklyn. I play a lot of sports; tennis, handball, volleyball, but I’m always up for learning other sports. I work out a little bit. I spend like 10-20mins on my hair every day, unless I get really lazy and decide to just leave it down for the day, looking like a mushroom. I think I’m kind of funny. I say “I think” because I don’t really know. I never really met myself. It’s not like I can just be like
“Hello Lawrence.”
“Hello, nice to meet you.”
“Wanna hear a joke?”
“What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit?”
“I dunno.”
“Oh. (Laughs) I get it. You funny.”
“Oh. Thank you.”

So I am afraid of the dark. I remember my friend back in Junior High School said, “People are afraid of the dark because they always imagine the worst possible thing.” When I thought about it, yea its true. Just recently, I wanted a cup of milk, so I went to the fridge and took out a gallon of milk, and you know the gallons have a small cap on top? Yeah so I put it on the counter and turned around to get a cup. All of a sudden, the cap just pops out and goes up to around 3 feet in the air. I was like WTF. As I was turning back around, I was telling myself all kinds of scientific explanation to make myself not scared. “Don’t worry Lawrence, Don’t worry. The room temperature is much warmer than the temperature of the gallon, so the pressure inside the gallon increased to an extent that it can make the cap fly up 3 feet.” Yea. I didn’t work. I was scared, like crazy.
School’s alright. Nothing special. It’s almost exactly what I expected it to be except for the fact that I don’t get much homework. I’m a gigantic procrastinator. I don’t procrastinate till the last minute, I procrastinate till the last second. This monologue that I’m reading right now, I didn’t do it last night, I did it this morning. I thought this habit would go away after I got into college, but it didn’t

I guess I’m running out of time, so I guess I’ll mention a little bit about each of the free writing exercises we’ve had. Winning games, hanging out with my friends,  and my girlfriend make me happy. Friends, family, and my girlfriend are important to me. I haven’t gone to a library outside of school for a very long time. I’ll be using the Newman Library for research and homework purposes. I like my personality, my physique, my brains, and my curiosity. I don’t like my hair. I identify myself as a competitive, intelligent, lazy, hardworking person. Some people say I’m obnoxious. I have no idea where they get that from. My roles in life are lil bro, good child, curious student. School’s fine, procrastination is my biggest challenge and I enjoy the lack of homework.

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I am a student at Baruch that plans to major in Business. I’m a Brooklyn Tech graduate. I’m not a morning person. I oversleep alot. I’m scared of failing classes at Baruch and getting a bad GPA. I love drinking coffee in the morning but recently decided to stop. I like chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake. I like seafood and eating out. I enjoy hanging out with friends. I like visiting new places. I don’t like spiders.

College is similar to high school. Everyone always pushes to get into the elevators.  I easily lose track of whats going on. I fall asleep after like 5 minutes of reading textbooks. I like it when teachers curve tests. Thursdays are my new Fridays. I have a 3-day weekend.

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Dear Professor Tariq

I am emailing you in regards to the assignment that was due today. Unfortunately, I could not attend your class and hand in the paper due to a family emergency (which I will prove the next time I have you). Attached is my completed assignment.


Mordakhay Kholdarov

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Monologue: Mordakhay Kholdarov

I wanna talk about giving today and what it truly means to give. Say there is a poor person begging for money. Do you give money to him? Is it truly giving? Pretend someone wants your attention. Do you give it to them? Is that truly giving? By definition, giving means to provide for someone else, right? But what if the only real person you’re providing for is yourself?

Now pretend you’re a parent to a child, or an older brother or sister to a younger sibling. That younger child brings to you a not so pretty drawing they made in school. What do you say? “Oh it’s magnificent! Did you make that yourself?” Why do you say that? Because it’s the thought that matters, right? Meaning, that the end result of any action is in the initial thought. Therefore we have to look at a person’s intentions (their motives) before determining whether or not a certain action is indeed an act of giving.

Now we have to look at what motivates people to move, or to work, or to do something in general. The answer is reward, be it money, power, honor. Why do people go on strike? It’s because they don’t feel they’re being rewarded enough based on their work, hence they stop working; the motivating force (money) is not great enough to compensate their work. Is it plausible then to say that people won’t give without a reward either? Molecular psychiatry states that during an act of giving there is a release of the chemical dopamine (pleasure chemical) in the brain. Now let’s go back to the notion of the end result of any action is in the initial thought. If I initially want to be rewarded (motive) by giving (act) then aren’t I really receiving? Does the notion of giving even exist?

Now look at “non-profit” organizations and “charities”. Why hasn’t there been a decrease in poverty or famine stricken areas? Why is there so much suffering in the world despite this entire “giving” taking place? It’s because we’re exploiting each other by “giving” or “helping” because taking from someone is the reason to why you’re giving them in the first place. The reason why I’m saying this is not to shoot down charities or nonprofit organizations, but to make you guys realize that if 6.5 billion people in the world operate in a manner where they only take and don’t give, the there will be economic, familial, ecological, and many other problems persisting and getting worse and worse every day. Since I only have three minutes I’ll have to end this monologue by saying that if we understand what it means to truly give and operate in accordance with nature and its laws (mutual balance and harmony), then not only will we truly give, but much of our problems will cease exist.

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