the library

Well so after reading Mordi’s post with the whole sociology input I feel like mine would be like a bummer to read because it would just be like the library was cool. lol WELL anyhoo, the library was cool. I think it’s the only library I know of that has a spiral staircase and I LOVE spiral staircases! It was probably the first thing I noticed once I walked right in. It literally distracted me when I needed to look for a book that day. Well, so moving on! Yeah, I’m get pretty distracted when I’m on blogs especially after I found out about tumblr. But LIBRARY! I thought the study rooms would be really convenient especially when tests and papers start to come one after another. The borrowing of laptops seem pretty cool too, especially if I wouldn’t want to bring mine one day I could still have one on hand for a couple of days even. The chairs look really comfy too, I already fell asleep one time on one of my breaks! I guess that’s about it, I really think the library was really cool, going to be very useful and HUGE! Don’t forget about the spiral staircase too!

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  1. aiman.tariq says:

    haha! you really love the spiral staircase. Im glad at least there is something you find inviting to the library because you are going to be spending A LOT of time there.

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