Baruch Update

Oh no! Freshman seminar is almost over! ): It sucks to know that because it was probably the only class I enjoyed going to except for being the earliest class of my week. I really liked that it was really small instead of a huge group. Baruch has been a lot of ups and downs so far. Though mostly it reminds me a lot of how things were like in high school for me there’s a different aura of being in college now that is really fun. The professors are really helpful except for maybe a few that I still need to learn to catch up with. I’m still not used to how different their teaching and learning methods are like even though it’s been a couple months already. I really like study groups and the help from the people I’ve met. I’ve even met someone from my middle school that I never knew back then. I also really like the clubs, the three day weekend every week, and the dollar pizza for lunch. I can’t wait to meet more people and learn different things. Hope we all still keep in touch! (:

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