Who do you think you are?

Well, my name is Samantha Ma. I’m a daughter, sister, friend, dancer, and I would say everything in between. I don’t exactly have a special talent; like playing an instrument, or can do something amazing that makes me stand out from everyone else. On the other hand though what I feel like I strive to be is just someone that’s there for others. I feel like I usually put others close to me first then myself second. I’m super hyper most of the time and you will most likely find me laughing any time of the day. I like to see people have a good time after a long day so I usually take on as an entertainer for a smile. I like to sing, horribly but passionately. I like to draw and write stories in my free time. And, I just recently joined a dance crew, Unique Movement!

Baruch is a really competitive school and my main concern is managing my time well enough that when the workload starts to pile up on each other. It’s going to be a different studying habit that I will need to make because I’m used to procrastinating but still be able to pass. Now it’s all different subjects that I would need to keep up with. Also each test, quiz and project are important to my grade. Usually I’m used to if you don’t do well on a test you could still be able to boost up your grade with extra assignments my teachers give. So far i don’t think the professors I’ll have would do the same. I’m concerned with how the professors are teaching in a way that I need to learn most of it on my own. Also there’s not much of really homework that needs to be done but a lot of reading and research that I need to do on my own. Another concern is having to keep track with the work i need to do and also the more technology Baruch uses to keep in touch with everything i’ll need to get used to.

My high school experience compared to Baruch is actually REALLY similar, just with maybe a little differences. I went to Brooklyn Tech and I am too familiar with the great amount of people and the commute. Also there’s a lot of my classmates that i knew from Brooklyn tech at Baruch too. I also had to swipe in to get in the building, the turnstiles was new though. What would be greatly different is the learning experience and the way the professors go along through their curriculum.

Honestly i think my first year at Baruch feels exactly like a fifth year coming out of Brooklyn Tech. But i have a feeling my studying habits will change greatly through this year. And since it’s also a big school I’m sure I’ll meet new people every day.

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  1. mk127779 says:

    OMG!!! I didn’t know you were a sister. Lol now I feel srry for ur sibling, rofl. Just kidding.

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