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My eclectic taste in music is a good reflection of my diverse interests.

Spice Girls and the soundtrack from the movie Chicago bring back girlhood memories of my sister and I singing and dancing for hours on end.

Loaded is the theme song of my favorite WWF wrestler – it’s the closest I’d ever come to watching sports growing up.

I did my gymnastics routine to the instrumental version of Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson.

The first time I got on a motorcycle I had the Rolling Stones playing.

I psyched myself up before my first bright jump by blasting Disturbed.

I had Alice Cooper playing when I took my first solo road trip for my eighteen birthday.

On the other hand, I keep classical or blues on while I study.

Most of my childhood summers were spent reading at the library.

Between coaching gymnastics, training at school and after hours at my gym, I practically lived in gym sweats for five years.

I shop for office supplies and computer gadgets with the same enthusiasm I would for shoes.

I’d gladly keep my nose buried in my Art History book if it gets me out of washing dishes.

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