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Freshman seminar was not only fun for me but it also taught me quite a bit. IT helped me view others idea on certain topics, that I felt like I knew quite a bit on already, however, not everything. One of the things I enjoyed most out of this class, as much as I complained about this, was moving around the room to different sides, where we voiced our opinions on where we stand on an Idea that was expressed. It honestly kept me interested, and It allowed me the chance to voice my opinion to the class, and possibly convince them of the same idea that I have. As for the enrichment workshops, I enjoyed the last one the best, where the students read monologues, I believe it is called voices. I actually found it to be entertaining and defiantly better than the first one we had went to. Thank you for this class everyone I really appreciated it. This is not just a thank you to the teachers but to my peers as well.

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