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BLOG 4 Joel

I have to say that News Literacy was my favorite enrichment workshop; mainly because it highlighted  a lot of fraudulent issues. I was especially surprised when I heard the professor speak of News Channels like FOX 5 that report fake news. With all that we hear or read, it makes us wonder what maybe the true source. As the professor further explains, we begin to realize that its our job to pick the right or wrong however, that can be very complicated since the truth can be thoroughly exploited as such. Sometimes it is good to compare news sources from all sites –  including those of the internet and T.V – in order to make a proper decision.  I am grateful to the Professor for shedding light on the shady businesses of renowned News Channels.

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Blog 3 Joel

  To describe to my first semester, I picked this picture because it explains my uncertainity I had in this college. For me that semester was a challenge  and I usually got so lost that I would describe it as a winding staircase. I knew no one in particular when I first came to Baruch, but I soon met a few people. But it show that we wouldn’t be inseparable. I basically understood that this college life was not going to be anything like highschool. And naturally I would forget all those I have met. I guess when one looks at the grand scheme of things, my first semester was only the first step. This makes me realize that at every step I take, I am closer to reaching my goal. As an avid science geek, the road I follow is tough as it also requires dedication. However, I will still continue to look back down onto to that staircase and remember the things I have learned thus far.

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