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Rubin Museum: Jeffrey Cheng

My favorite enrichment workshop throughout Freshman Seminar was the visit to the Rubin Museum. The long walk there was nice as well; I learned a lot more about the neighborhood. Compared to other museums, the setting of the Rubin Museum was very calm and relaxing, which made it much more enjoyable. I like how the museum dedicated itself to one specific culture. When I had the chance to walk around and explore it myself, I noticed that they really worshipped a god with a lot of hands. Almost every painting and sculpture I encountered had the same or similar figure, a man with more than a dozen hands on his left and right. The paintings often showed a village of people, and same figure directly in the middle and bigger than all the rest, just like a divine figure. It was quite interesting. When walking around, I also discovered another thing very nice about the museum. The museum had extremely clean and nice bathrooms. The sink was very cool and everything was shiny. I might even favor it over the one in my house. For anyone who didn’t use the bathroom during their free time to roam around, you really missed it. It seemed like it cost a fortune to make it like that.

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College Readings: Jeffrey Cheng

The first few weeks of college were pretty good. I did most of the assignments and read the assigned readings. But I stopped. All of a sudden I found all the readings to be long and tedious, and I couldn’t stand reading for hours each day. I realized that I had Friday off, so I decided that I would just read all the readings that I missed on that day. I thought it would work, but it didn’t. It didn’t even work for the first week. The following week, I told myself I would make up my readings on the train rides and on that Friday. It wasn’t long until I realized that I stopped reading for any of my classes. I think I read most the assigned readings for the first month of class, and every reading after it was left incomplete. Now it’s a week away from finals week. I never read a single thing after the 2nd philosophy test and I have so many readings left for anthropology that I cannot even count them with my fingers. I also have a history paper to write based on information from the Bible which I barely looked at. This last week of college is going to tough.

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