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Blog Post #4

I enjoyed the first show we watched, even though I’m not really sure if that counted as an enrichment workshop. I think it was cool because they really did hit on a lot of things college kids face. It resonated with me is because I think that I also have a lot of advice on the things they were talking about, but don’t really know how to give it out unless someone asks. But the performers on the show took the subjects, added a funny twist on them, while still maintaining that truth about it. They talk about everything from sex, to drugs, to roommates, and to feeling lost in college. All things that college kids face, and might not know about. They showed the and sides to things, even if they added a comical twist to it. I thoroughly enjoyed everything they said, and it also made me feel a bit better about being lost in college. Its not like high school where it was easy to know everyone, in college you are on your own, but never truly because you can make friends whenever you want. The singing and dancing just added more to the entertainment side, and its nice to know that there are people out there who care to inform the young people about what to expect.

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