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My Life is like a Boat. Yeah, I’ll say this to people and it invokes different reactions. There are some who sit there and try to guess what it means. They will dissect it and try to find the metaphors behind it. Others will respond with some dirty joke, “you mean ‘cuz you got a lot of seaman on your poop deck” Or something of the sort. For each and every different person that hears it, I get a different response. How imaginative can the human mind get? Frankly I don’t give a flying fire truck. See? Even there, some of you thought I would say something else there. People always expect you to say something that they are used to hearing.

But I have learned to stop expecting. That’s really it. With the boat life example, nobody will give the same exact response, even though a lot will be similar. Learned to stop expecting, that’s not right either… gave up on aspirations is more like it. With expectation comes hope, and hope has always been beaten down by the mallet of reality. Lets face it, not all of us will become the rich businessmen and woman that we all want to be. Some of us have already accepted that and chose the path that suits us the best. But what is my path? What will bring me happiness? I’m just not cut out for the business world and I still wonder why am I here at Baruch? Am I just floating around here? SIGH* my life is like a boat…


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FRO12 LC13 2012-12-17 23:25:42

So this is the event I attended. The Baruch Japanese Anime Asylum hosted an event they called a community game night in which we got together before finals and played tabletop games for the night. We got to enjoy this amazing game called werewolves, in which we must come together as a “town” and find out who the werewolves are and kill them as each night they kill one of us. Not only was it a friendly environment, it was tons of fun. There were also tournaments for Magic the gathering and Yugioh, 2 card games.

I made sure to enjoy myself and i made sure to catch the screenings of different Anime movies playing in the background, such as Professor Layton and The Secret World of Arietty, while enjoying meat buns and chips.

Its funny because i failed to mention that i was a contributor that night! I actually ran the Yugioh tournament and my laptop was the one that was used to screen the movies. Thats one of the reason i enjoyed the night so much, i was as much helping out as i was enjoying myself.

I look forward to attending and helping orchestrate more events. but for now its time to get back to FINAL FINAL FINAL TIME!!

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I know you’ve always said how you were tired of being the nice guy, and that’s how you’ve come to be who you are today. But have you ever thought; maybe I’m tired of being the nice one too? How come I have to go through how I feel right now because you were the one who got hurt by someone else? All I ever tried to prove to you was how much I really love you & that my feelings aren’t just a phase. I know I ended up doing and saying a lot of things that were uncalled for but in all honesty I was just so damn scared of losing you. I always try to better myself to prove to you that I won’t let myself be that naive little girl that let her insecurities get the best of her anymore, but have any of my efforts ever met your eyes? It sucks, not knowing when I let myself become so vulnerable to one person & not caring regardless of how many times I let myself get hurt. All this time my heart has convinced me that you are worth it & what we had just simply can’t be given up on. The road ahead of me doesn’t lead a way to a life without you being important to me, it’s like fighting to the very end is my only option. But no matter how much you mean to me, I can’t help but wonder if my importance even exists inside your heart, or have you just lost all faith in me already? Cause it really seems like it. It hurts, it really does & it just feels more uncomfortable with each day passing.

Most of my life I was never really sure of what I wanted, until it came to you. You showed me a different way to look at things and changed everything. It’s my fault you’re not mine anymore, it’s my fault I never realize what I have until it’s gone. But so much has passed now that when I look back I wish I could slap myself for doing/saying the things I did at those moments. My eyes have been opened up, for real – and never have I felt so much regret on my mistakes in my life. But what can I do now? I don’t even have the guts to try and be the way I was with you before. I feel like nothing but an annoyance to you, like I might as well be better off as a wall. I don’t want to feel this way either, trust me. It hurts. But no matter what I do, where I go, everything will always go back to you.

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Etgar Keret Reading

I unfortunately do not have a confirmation email for this event because our English professor RSVPed for us but if you need proof you can contact professor Erica Kaufman. I promise I really did go though! 🙂

I got to go to the Etgar Keret reading when he came to visit Baruch a couple weeks ago. The school was hosting it but I’m not sure about the specifics. They put it on though so that we could meet the writer/director Etgar Keret and hear some of his work and listen to his explanation behind some of the work. We were also allowed to ask him questions. I really enjoyed it! He made it very fun because he’s a pretty humorous man. I didn’t really understand what was suppose to be happening in the bit of his movie that he showed but it was entertaining. His written work is pretty hilarious and only more so is his thought process behind it. I think my favorite part was when he was explaining how he got the idea to write his story about the cafe. (Sorry can’t remember the short story) But it was about a man who sits at a cafe and waves over whoever walks into the cafe looking for somebody, pretending to be that person. It’s really quite funny. I would definitely recommend people to go hear him speak! Even if the person isn’t a reader, he’s a very amusing man and most of his stories are so short that they keep the attention of even the shortest attention spans. Overall a really nice experience.
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My first semester experience was not how I would have like to experience. During my first semester there have been many things going on in my life. There are many times where I would not have the time to do things such as sleep and hang out with my friends. But my favorite experience is the times that I had in Freshman Seminar. Those were the times when I was able to see another side of each and everyone one of my classmates. It is because of this class that I was able to learn things that are needed in order to go to Baruch College. I learn skills that i can use in the future and help me in my career. I feel like every college should have a class like this helping out the freshman in adapting to college life. I’m doing bad in school right now at this moment and I know i have to do better from now on. I would say that this semester is the worst of all my school career. But it is not because of school, it is the personal reasons that is holding me back.  But I am still glad that I’m a BEAR CAT.

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I believe that this workshop was a very interesting because it gathered everyone’s monologue and presented the best ones. The one guy one the right was extremely funny, and presented in ways that had the whole Mason Hall laughing. At first I wasn’t really enjoying it because I came into the workshop a little late, and they made me sit by myself with no one that I know around me. However, it got really interesting as they kept presenting everyone’s monologue. Some were sad and depressed, others were really funny. I really enjoyed this work shop and this is probably the best one out of the ones we have had.

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Post #4

My favorite workshop was the event in the 23rd street building where they read many kids monologues. It was really interesting to see how other kids were handling their first semesters and what other people had to say about their new collegiate experiences.

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The second FRO workshop

For my second workshop, I attended a performance in Mason Hall called Baruch Voices. It was held by having several performers read out a few selected monologues written by Baruch students. The varieties of viewpoints here helped to keep the stories fresh and interesting. I heard about everything from smoking to cutting yourself… but hey, there were some lighter ones too. I mean, I might have fallen asleep once… or twice… but still, I enjoyed it.

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This was a pretty interesting workshop we had to attend. I think the different monologues we saw reflected the students of Baruch perfectly. Not only is Baruch a very diverse school culturally, but it is intellectually  and emotionally different as well. Every student has their own way of viewing and engaging the world around them. Yes I did think this was quite a borinh thing to attend, but I understand why we have it. It is so we can come together as a school and appreciate not only the differences on the surface but the ones inside us all as well!

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Favorite Workshop (Kerill S)

We’ve attended different enrichment workshops as a class. They were all very fun and were very enjoyable. I must admit, the one that I really liked was where NYU performed on the different issues our generation goes through and the challenges we face. It was very entertaining to watch with all of the music and dancing they incorporated into the performance. The performance is something that we all could relate to in one way or another so I think that was very great. Overall it was extremely funky, colorful, and fun as well as being very humorous. It was very fun to sit with my friend and have a laugh together on the things that we actually do ourselves. It is like seeing oneself from a side view. I personally can relate too many of the different dilemmas that were performed so I found it very eye opening. Seeing how much fun the students were having performing sort of inspired me to perhaps consider doing some kind of theatrical performances in the future. This inspiration was quickly shut down when I remembered that I kind of have a stage fright, as little as it may be. More of such performances should be shown in the future.

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