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Sep 02 2012

A Little Piece of Casey Gentili

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Whether its sunshine or rain, snow or hail, I am the type of person that will always have a smile on my face and is up for anything.  I feel that happy people attract other happy people.



Sports/ Gym:

As for being adventurous, I love going to sporting events. My favorite sports are hockey (GO NY RANGERS!) and basketball (GO NY KNICKS!). I love the excitement and being part of such an enthusiastic crowd. It’s such an amazing feeling when your team wins and when the team doesn’t, its as if you’re going through the loss as one with the team. As much as I love watching people play sports, I also enjoy getting some activity in. The gym is my savior. Whenever I need an hour or two to myself or have too much stress, I run (literally) to the gym. It’s a coping mechanism and a way to feel great about yourself.

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Music is such therapy for all aspects of life. It gets me through a tough workout, a long night of stressful assignments, and lengthy train/ car rides. I’ll blast house music during the workouts, I’ll put on the Goo Goo Dolls and Bob Marley to get me through my assignments, and I’ll mix it up on the train rides and long walks.


Los Angeles:

I did a summer program at UCLA. One of my favorite places is Los Angeles, the city of angels. The glam, luxurious lifestyle, weather, and the whole atmosphere is just amazing. The only thing is the traffic! It will always have a special place in my heart.

Source: Casey Gentili’s Phone


I find that I am SO blessed to have such an amazing family. They support me and guide me every step of the way. If it’s just having a dinner with the whole family or going on vacation, we always find a way to spend time together. My family holds such an important place in my life.



Friends are the people you run to with some of your juiciest gossip and some of your deepest secrets. I am so lucky to have the amazing friend group I have. Even though I have a large friend group, I feel that as long as an individual has one or two good friends, that’s all a person really needs.



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