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Sep 11 2012

Ishwar and or Ishy

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You guys have probably seen me around wearing these headphones. Honestly these headphones keep me grounded and focused. You guys probably don’t know i have a short temper and also a horrible nervous problem. I dislike waiting and the only thing that keeps me from flipping out is listening to my music on blast where i cant acknowledge anything going on around me. They also look GREAT


Although this isn’t my collection and my collection is no where as impressive, i am obsessed with jordans. Yeah your reading like “yeah and so does every other guy” but NO. I am only interested in jordans that are as old as me or even older. It is a collecting thing more than a style thing. Everyone wears jordans and i hate being like everyone else. Overall Jordans are beautiful and so well constructed and created.















These two individuals above are two of my role models, The first being Tracy McGrady, He was once the scoring champion of the NBA and arguably the best player in the NBA. After undergoing two knee surgeries and a back surgery, he is currently trying to recover and play like he used to. Him just trying gives me faith to work hard at getting better. The latter is Carmelo Anthony who just recently represented our country in the olympic’s. He  is popular in society and plays basketball excellently, I love basketball and play pretty well if i do say so myself. These are my role models i watch their highlights constantly.

I can best describe myself as a person with many faces, aka a Gemini. This picture helps describe me because it depicts the actual split in my personality. In once instance i am very social and talkative, while at other times i’m reticent, mean and difficult. This schism is personality translates into the way i dress on certain days, my productivity in the school. Its actually crazy to see.

To those of you who have seen me around and i havent made it clear I AM NOT INDIAN PAKI or BENGALi. I AM a proud Trinidadian,i am a native from an island in the carribean  right off the coast of south america. We are home to calypso, soca and reggea music we have an abundance of food selections and beautiful scenery. One of the more unknown spots in the carribean, most recently tourist traffic has rapidly increased. YOU should visit.

These are V E G E T A B L E S, they grow in the ground. These vegetables can also be food if prepared right. It’s always the worst talking about vegetarianism its like you guys arent aware that vegetables even exist. I have been a vegetarian all my life and i dont plan on changing. it is mainly becuase of religion but ive learned to love it, since i have never tried anything else.

I take weight lifting very serious as of a year ago. I use weights as a stress reliever i love the pain that i get from working out. Its like a drug, i think its called adrenaline right?? I try to go to the gym everyday but i slack a lot. If i ever seem like i’m in a rush or i have some place to be. Don’t be offended i’m probably on my way to the gym.

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Sep 11 2012

Yo (Bryant Nunez)

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Well, I really don’t know where to begin; I really dont think there is much to say so I will take the easy route and just make my post as long winded as possible in hopes that by the end I have reached an appropriate length and thus gotten away with exerting minimal effort.

If it isnt apparent, Im Lazy. I like taking things easy and rest is my top priority. Now this doesnt mean that I don’t get my work done, (after all I’m doing this aren’t I?) I just don’t do anything I don’t have to. Of course there is the rare exception of things that I want to do but most of the time assigned work instantly kills my desire to do anything.

The next thing I guess I will move on to would be where I am from; I was born and raised in the South Bronx but my parents both came over from the Dominican Republic and only speak Spanish at home. So as you would then guess I speak Spanish. I would say that I love going over there, but the last time I went was eight years ago and I don’t get to say that.

Another thing about me would be music. I play guitar, bass and a couple other instruments, So I guess music would be my thing. This past year however I took a break from playing 5 hours a day and instead slept or played video games.

This brings me to video games. My parents first bought me a super Nintendo in my early youth, for as long as I could remember I had a game controller in my hand. The next console I got was the n64 which to this day would be my favorite console. I spent hundreds of hours playing Mario party or majora’s mask. In fact i was so involved in my gaming that the few things that I do remember from visiting my grandparents in DR would be bringing my n64 over and playing the day away (if the power grid allowed it) and the when I got older it would be going next door to the arcade and perfecting my Mortal Kombat Skills. Like Music I have been taking some time off from gaming but I think I will be getting into it again very soon.

Tied to video games my next interest would me electronics. Things like computers and speaker and all sorts of stuff. As a child I always liked to take things apart to see how things worked and if I didn’t understand i would pester my parents until they fully explained to my what a component did. I hated “just because” answers as a kid ( especially since I asked a lot of ‘why’ questions) As for computers and circuitry I really enjoyed Digital Electronics in HS and logic was really a good past time for me. I even picked up writing script for PERL and am looking to further my computer knowledge.

The last big thing to mention is that I love physics. The science of seeing how things work in the universe fascinates me. and things like quantum theory on interests me more. It is one the few things that I would actually go out of my way outside of school to learn because what I learned in my HS classroom just was not enough. One day I hope to combine my love of electronics and physics and become an electrical engineer, or perhaps bring in my liking for musics and become an audio engineer; or maybe just become a physicist so that I am payed just to learn and do what I really like.

The last thing that I will mention about me is that I have an extreme sweet tooth. It isn’t uncommon for me to have soda in the morning or have the must unhealthily sugary diet.

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Sep 11 2012

Cole Dybec: A Playlist of my Personality

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I have always believed that the type of music that people listen to is a very interesting way to judge their personality, because you might not expect a lot of what they enjoy, and it gives a lot of insight into their personality that you might not have known about previously. I hope that this playlist of my “favorite” songs basically from each genre that I enjoy is a good representation of me. However, I feel the 10 song limit doesn’t completely do my personality justice, but I tried to make it the best representation of me that I could, and I think I did  a fairly good job. I am not going to explain why the songs have meaning in my life or how they reflect my personality; I want the music to speak for itself.

1. Air – Movement IV from Edvard Grieg’s Holberg Suite

2. Jackie Will Save Me by Shiny Toy Guns

3. Her Sacred Spirit Soars by Eric Whitacre

4. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

5. The Sea by Frank Bridge (part 1)

The Sea by Frank Bridge (part 2)

6. Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars

7. Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

8. Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

9. Stockholm Syndrome by Muse

10. Mad Tom of Bedlam by Charlene Kaye & the Brilliant Eyes

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Sep 11 2012

Something about me (pinfei)

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Although I am a person who does not hesitate to try new things, there are certain activities that are not only indispensable but also defining in my life. Though the rule of priority does not apply here, I would still rank travelling as the most inspiring and engaging thing in my life.

I love to travel around the geographically remote and culturally unfamiliar sites that enable me to explore the differences in the people’s soul. Such travelling does not necessarily involve with the amount of money spending but depends on how you would learn a totally different place. One of the most magnificent and exciting places that I have been to is Lhasa Tibet, where I tried some local dish of dried-raw lamb and visited the brilliant Potala Palace.Overall, the trip to Lhasa and some other remote places of Tibet was really wonderful. I recommend everyone to visit Lhasa once in his or her life.


I love to draw buildings and environment. In fact, I have begun to learn drawing ever since five years old. Learning to draw something seemed to be a boring and time consuming.However, I figure out in later years that drawing entitles me the ability to meditate and think.

Sports also play a crucial role in my life. When I was in high school, I devoted most of my time to winter and spring track. I was indeed a good sprinter and represented my high school for the Pennsylvania Relay, a national high school track competition.  I am actually a good, though not excellent, mountain hiker.

I love to listen to music. My favorite singer is Eminem, and I have been listening to his music for ten years.

My favorite subject is history, I can actually spend an entire afternoon reading history books and magazines.

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Sep 11 2012

Who is Yasaman Soroush

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     My name is Yasaman Soroush, I am an 18 year old freshman in college. I was born in Honduras and when i was nine years old m family and I moved to the United States. I am half Iranian and half Honduran. I am the middle child of 2 more sisters. When i was young i was a very big tomboy. You may think oh just another tomboy, but no I used to have very short like a boy and i would dress like a boy. If you saw me, you would have thought oh what a cute little boy. I love food, watching TV, sports, cars, movies and anything else thats entertaining.

My favorite color is yellow! But i don’t like just everything yellow, i like things that aren’t normal to be yellow. For example since is was 9 my room has away been painted yellow. I have a yellow blanket. My laptop case is yellow, and my pillows in my room are yellow. I like odd things to be yellow. I love the color yellow, but i don’t like wearing yellow clothing. I don’t like my accessories to be yellow, and i don’t have a yellow car, its just too common.

My favorite types of foods are sushi and pasta. I can eat sushi probably everyday but only if i can dip into eel sauce. If i don’t have eel sauce I don’t like to eat sushi. I can still eat it, i just doth appreciate as much. On the other hand pasta I can eat all day every day. All the pasta is the same, just all different shapes and they’re all so delicious.

I love watching TV and movies. My 2 favorite movies are Pirates Of The Caribbean and Pineapple Express! I think these 2 movies, I think they are both so sunny. Pirates of the Caribbean I love because my favorite actor is Johnny Depp he is such a good actor and so dreamy. Pineapple express i just think it’s hilarious. I can watch this movie over and over again and still laugh just as hard as the first time i watched it. My favorite TV show is Friends. I think this is the funniest show ever and all the cast is just perfect for this show. I think that I’ve probably watched almost every episode. Every time it’s on i try and watch it.

I like music just like everyone. My favorite singer is Enrique Iglesias!! I think his music is greta, even though i think I’m a little biased because i do love the way he looks. But not jut that i like his songs and the way he sings. I also like other artist ranging from Justin Bieber all the way to Eminem. I like some house music in between. I’l pretty much listen to anything except for like hardcore metal.

It may be a bit odd but as a girl i love cars. My dad used to sell cars thats how i got into them. He would always be talking about them and I would just sit and listen. We can always talk about cars, even thought most of the time i annoy him, just in asking him prices. If i had a lot of money and I could afford a nice car i wouldn’t buy your usual Ferrari or Lamborghini, I would buy an audi R8 Spyder in white. It would have to be stick shift because i think a car so sporty like that one is a shame if it’s not a stick.

Another thing I’ve always been very interested in, is sports. ever since I was little I always played on a sports team and I’ve tried a whole bunch. Whether its from karate, soccer, tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball and golf. Sport was always part of my life. Now I have pretty much quit everything, but golf and tennis. Karate was the sport I did the longest. I did it for about 10 years of my life and thats no exaggeration. I have a second degree black belt and I am very proud of it. I have way more likes than just this, but this to me are considered the important ones. I have an opinion about pretty much everything, but I also won’t go and offend anyone. I am very easy going and laid back. These are just a few things that make up every day of my life.

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Sep 11 2012

Carrot, Karen, Carol, Carra.

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I’ve literally heard every possible variation of my name, Carra. C-A-R-R-A. I dont know whether its my pronunciation, or its everyone else. Anyways, two of my most favorite musicians are from the mid twentieth century, Etta James (if you’re no familiar with her, think of the song “At Last,” and if you don’t know that song, you’re missing out!) and Ella Fitzgerald, a jazz vocalist and scatter. I just find the huskiness,the tone of their voices, the inovation they attributed to in a time of change to be so alluring. I literally have “I’d rather go blind” stuck in my head 24/7. I get really annoyed when people ask who they are; I mean they are LEGENDS of jazz! I’ve played cello for over 10 years now, and it is a inexplicably relaxing. I love making music and being “in the zone;” a time where the music just captures you, and every note played tells a story. I cant really explain how it feels when everything-from the notes, dynamics, accents and bowing comes together. It’s simply euphoric. One of my favorite time periods in American history is the Roaring Twenties. I just love the atmosphere of vintage, rebelliousness that flappers, speakeasies and gangs brought. Bouncing off of vintage/history styles, anything vintage- from furniture to clothing to styles influences my tastes and shopping tendencies. If I could have it my way, my house would be completely vintaged up. I don’t think anyone really knows how much I love the genuine and intricate handiwork it takes to create certain vintage furniture. I am a complete history buff…when no one is looking I watch the History Channel. One of my favorite time periods/country to read, research and learn about is France, from the 1400’s until Marie Antoinette’s unfortunate end. The etiquette, the dresses, and the royal family just completely interest me for some reason. I love going to museums that have exhibits you can walk through, and everything in the room is set up to resemble actual rooms and such from different time periods. I can spend all day just thinking, imagining what went on in that room, with those objects, a hundred years ago. French/European architecture is one of the many things that excite me about history. Just the fact that people actually made these buildings is mind blowing. There is not one spot on these masterpieces (such as my favorite work, the Palace of Versailles) that is not perfect, that did not take an artistic eye and hand to create. Okay, back to this century I guess? Im an experimenter, a transformer- I love styling all different sorts of clients, and I absolute love doing makeup on people who apparently trust my skills. My favorite store is Sephora; I can spend hours and hours there…and I memorized all displays, seasonal collections, packaging, colors, reviews, etc. I’m weirdly obsessed.

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Sep 11 2012

things about jie

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Sometimes the weather is my mood. When it’s raining, I would be depressed. When it’s sunny I would be happy. I love spring, not too hot or too cold. Spring is the time when I would be most active, I would spend most of my times outdoor playing handball and hanging out with friends. Many people prefer going to Starbucks for a drink after exercise. Well not me. My first choice would be bubble tea, especially ones from Kung Fu Tea or Tearffic.  Sweet, creamy, cold tea, and chewy bubble in the summer. In the winter they would have hot drinks. During my free time I would Skype with friends and play computer games like league of legends, we would even yell at each other if someone messes up. Other than computer games I would also read books. I’m really picky about books I read, I would spend hours in the library just to find an interesting book that would sometimes last shorter than the time I spent finding it.


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Sep 11 2012

What defines Michael Gebhardt

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One of my  hobbies that I have always been passionate about is music. Not only do I have over 2000 songs in my iTunes library, learning new instruments has always been a passion of mine. I played Alto saxophone all my life in high school and using the music knowledge it taught me I was able to teach myself piano and guitar. Growing up not only was music a huge part of my life but sports as well. All throughout high school I played on numerous varsity sports. Soccer and lacrosse seasons in high school were always something to look forward too because of the friends I made on them. My culture has also had an immense impact on my life having bi-racial parents. I am Brazilian on my mothers side and Irish and German on my fathers. I have visited Brasil countless times and my experiences there always change. From spending a week in Rio De Janeiro with my Grandfather to spending two weeks deep in the Amazon rainforest. My friends and family have always been the most important thing in my life. I always enjoy spending time with my family. My friends and I love spending time out in the wilderness. Going to beach with my friends was another main thing we did, from having bonfires at my friends beach to skim boarding and surfing. 5 months ago when I was away from home my parents called me to tell me they got the dog i’ve always dreamt of getting. We got a siberian husky that we named Zoey that I have been training ever since.

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Sep 11 2012

A little about Benson!

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The most important thing to me are my close friends, they’ve always been there to share the best of times with me and I’m glad to have them for so long. The picture I put up includes most of them and we all have significant experiences with each other. For years, some more than others, I have explored NYC with them. We love food and so we always try to find something new to eat in the city like at Pommes Frites for their Belgium fries, Ninja for their exciting experience and atmosphere, Ichiumi for some seafood buffet, Asiate for a special occasion, and the list goes on. When I’m not stuffing my face and the weather is exceptional, I play some handball to exercise and to burn some of those calories I have built up. But, when I’m not physically with my friends, I’m in some kind of Skype conversation with them or we’re playing games like League of Legends. Personally, I’ve probably spent 1000~ hours playing that game in total and its a complete waste of time, but, I love it. A unique skill I would say I have would be my handling of playing cards, from magic tricks to flourishes like card fans, cuts, and a bunch of other fancy tricks. Aside from playing tons of online games and “cardistry” , I enjoy watching the TV series Breaking Bad and playing chess as a past-time.

dat panda

also pandas are like my favorite. no joke.

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