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Sep 19 2012

My Songs

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One of the few unique things that define me is my music. Utterly mine, and privy to the judgment of no one. Even when I was young, music would be my aspirin; i’d listen to clear my head of any bothersome thoughts. It also reflects how I’ve changed over the years as a person. Since 8th grade, I’d accumulate songs on my iPod, but never delete them. Now, it’s a random mess with many different genres of music, which I suppose reflects the many facets of my life. I’ve never liked rap though. I’ve always disliked it, and I probably always will.
1. Linkin Park – Numb
2. Mulan Soundtrack – I’ll Make a Man Out of You
3. Jesse McCartney – Just So You Know
4. DeadMau5 – Strobe (Special Features Remix)
5. Breaking Benjamin – Give Me a Sign
6. The Cab – Living Louder
7. Celdweller – Ursa Minor Electron Mix
8. Ne-Yo – Together
9. Jackie Boyz- Equilibrium
10. Pyrodrifter- Exterminate10 songs seems like a paltry sumary of the 500 songs on my library, but this is a good selection as any. Some of these songs I’ve listened to since I was a child, and some of them I found later on. Though the genres are wildly different, each one has something that just appeals to me. Though I can type pages about the different aspects of each song, and how they reflect who I am, but I think I’ll just let them speak for themselvesP.S. I’m so sorry for not doing this sooner. Completely forgot.

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