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Sep 10 2012

Getting to know me (Jenny)!

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There are things that many people fail to appreciate such as nature. Nature is a part of my life, I enjoy being outdoors such as looking into the horizon of the ocean, enjoying the night sky filled with bright stars, and breathing in the fresh air. Being in nature allows me to forget about everything and let’s me focus on the present moment of enjoying the beauty of my environment. Even the weather is able to quickly change my mood, for example if it’s a cloudy, dark rainy day, I feel sad and grumpy whereas on sunny blue sky days, my mood is instantly lifted. I also enjoy traveling, being able to experience a new environment and culture is definitely a wonderful thing. I have traveled to Paris, Amsterdam and San Francisco, I have found each place to be fascinating in their own aspects, and was really able to appreciate life. In Paris, the scenery was breathtaking such as the Eiffel Tower and their delicacy, escargo was delicious. In Amsterdam, it was amazing how there were so many bicyclists,  the architecture of the houses were colorful and unique and were built on both sides of the canal. In San Francisco, bicycling across the golden gate bridge and taking a ferry through the ocean was an remarkable experience. I am definitely a nature person, everything in nature such as the sky, trees, rivers and etc fascinates me. However I also do have a passion for shopping and sports. Shopping always puts me in a happy mood, no matter the cause, and playing a sport like lacrosse allows me to release my stress and enjoy myself.

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