LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn is essentially an online business profile. This career workshop that I attended showed us how to create a strong profile for potential jobs in the future. The instructor created a PowerPoint that addressed each category in a LinkedIn profile. He also showed us examples of moderate and excellent LinkedIn profile examples. He said that LinkedIn is highly underestimated and is a very useful tool in getting jobs. He also said that it doesn’t matter in what year of college a student is, they can start their profile at any time. He said even first year students can take advantage of LinkedIn because internships are also available. He then discussed the PowerPoint and showed us his own LinkedIn profile and was honest in where he could improve and what a strong profile looks like.

This workshop helped me explore my career goals by showing me an alternate option than just my resume. The instructor also said that LinkedIn has provided many jobs for people he has known and many people don’t realize how resourceful it can be. I have definitely taken this method of finding jobs into account. I haven’t yet created a LinkedIn profile, but it is something I plan on doing. This is especially true as I get to build my resume even more, so I could list my experience on my LinkedIn profile as well. Not only will I take advantage of using LinkedIn, which a Baruch career workshop taught me about, but other Baruch resources as well. The career fair is a great way to find out more about jobs. Baruch has centers that can help me build my resume or practice for an interview or even borrow a suit for a job interview.

WICC Club Meeting

WICC stands for West Indian Culture Club. At the club, soca music was being played, which is very popular among people of Caribbean descent. They started off the meeting by introducing who the people that run the club are, and then went around the room and everybody introduced themselves. Then, we played an ice breaker like the one we played at convocation day where everybody finds a partner and plays rock, paper, scissors with them until two people are left to compete with each other. It was fun and I met a lot of cool and funny people. After that, they proceeded to play another game called Kahoot! where each person joins the game via phone and answers trivia questions. The trivia questions were based on the islands of the Caribbean. As we played the game, we ate food and talked, and whoever got the most questions right would win a prize in the end. The people there were really funny and they shouted in excitement, ultimately making the club meeting very interesting and fun. I had a great time and I would definitely go back to that club. WICC also has a sister club called SOCA which I would also join to get more involved. My impressions of the event are all very positive. I loved that I was around people that were like me. They all enjoyed the same music as me and all had the same traditions as me. If one of us were to make a Caribbean joke, everyone there would understand it, because we were all very similar. I really enjoyed the trivia because it got everybody in the room worked up and trying to beat each others high score. There were surprisingly a lot of freshman in the room so it was easy to talk to people. During lunch we all exchanged numbers and social media, and now I have more friendly faces in the halls at Baruch.

Visiting the Rubin Museum

My trip to the Rubin Museum of Art was unlike any other museum I’ve ever been to. I went to the museum for an art history class assignment. It was a very unique experience because it was an interactive museum where sound is used to portray history. The first exhibit I visited was the Henri Cartier-Bresson: India in Full Frame exhibit. There, I learned of the famous Buddha figures of India including Gandhi. It explained the many deeds they did and the rituals performed for their deaths. Next I visited The World of Sounds exhibit. That was my favorite because it was interactive. When you pressed a wall, an Indian prayer or song echoed through the halls of the exhibit. One of my favorites was when I was standing in the middle of a platform with a semi-circle of various Indian instruments around me. As I stepped closer to one instrument, the louder it played. When I stood in the center of the platform, all of the instruments played at the same time creating an ancient Indian hymn that was recited to Indian deities. The World of Sound exhibit also featured a room where an om was chanted as a peaceful place to sit and relax and engulf yourself in the prayer. It was really interesting because the oms that were being recited were recorded in the museum by regular people who also visited the museum. It helps to show the emphasis of how connected the museum is meant to be. This activity has assisted me during my first semester at Baruch because it gave me an insight as to what college assignments are all about. It has shown me how to apply real world visits to academic assignments. It’s a different experience than writing essays in high school where we would just read about an exhibit online then write about it.