Career Workshop Roman Kohanano

Roman Kohanano

For the career workshop portion of the blog assignment I went to an Ad-Hoc that showed students how they can make their own major. I am currently planning on majoring in Finance at Baruch College, but I am open to other potential majors that I may find interesting and lucrative. Ad-Hoc is great for people who are unable to find a major that they enjoy, because with Ad-Hoc you are able to make a major of your choice, but it is not as easy as it sounds. If you would like to have an Ad-Hoc major you need to fill out the application and it needs to get approved. Of course your application needs to be something that Baruch sees as a potentially lucrative major. Ad-Hoc allows people who can not find a major they like to create a major that they like. With Ad-Hoc, the options are really limitless because you can combine different interests that you have into a lucrative and successful major. Previous students of Baruch who are Ad-Hoc majors spoke to us about how easy it is to fill out the application and become an Ad-Hoc major. I was glad to have attended the Ad-Hoc workshop because it showed me than if I do not want to major in finance, my options are not limited. I can major in something that I found both lucrative and interesting.

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