Afnan Shariff Let’s Get Starrted

I had the chance to attend the workshop by the name of, “Let’s Get Starrted: Career Building Blocks for First- and Second-Year Students: Week Four,” offered by the Starr Career Development Center. The SCDC helps Baruch students on their career path, with help on writing resumes, cover letters, choosing majors, and applying to internships. They are essentially the haven for your future. This workshop was a four part workshop and since I was not on STARR before, I had no knowledge of them, so I was able to come across this last part. It only consisted of ten freshmen trying to meet their Freshman Seminar requirement, but I was there for much more. In this workshop, the advisor explained a general overview of what SCDC was and the resources it had. She also gave us different resources around the school to utilize, such as clubs, special programs, and even advised us to talk to different faculty and students. She stressed the importance of doing these things in advance so we can successfully move forward on our career path. She also stressed the importance of LinkedIn and why we should have it, since it is a networking tool for different opportunities. Also, a big factor is to watch what you post on your social media as companies check your social media to see what you post, reflecting the kind of person you are.


The overall essence of this workshop was to be made aware of the different resources around Baruch to help us freshman get a head start on our future and our careers. I found it immensely helpful to have attended this workshop because it helped me realize just how many resources I had around me that I can utilize to advance my future career and benefit me in the long run. College is imperative to our career and the experience and knowledge starts here.

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