Career Workshop: STARR Center Resume Workshop

A resume is a document that helps one to obtain an interview for his/her job. It’s the first impression that one should let their potential employer be happy with by listing all the education, skills, and experiences relevant to the job. I went to the STARR Center resume workshop to learn how to better construct my resume for my future internships. I’ve received a lot of useful tips that I can apply to my resume writing. First of all, a resume should not be longer than one page; one page should be enough to include all the facts that one wants people to know about him/her. Secondly, one should try his/her best to draw connections between any past experience that he or she had before to the position that he/she is applying to because although the jobs may not seem relevant, however, there may be skills and traits that are required for both jobs. For example, if one worked as a barista before at a coffee shop and is now trying to apply for a position at an office, he/she can take traits that made him/her an efficient barista to get him/her the job at that office. Next, it’s also important to expand all the acronyms that related to your skills/experience when writing your resume. As a matter of fact, many companies are using ATS systems to screen the applicants’ resumes and opt out the ones without the keywords they are looking for before they start manually selecting candidates for interviews. Therefore, in order to assure that one’s hard work will be seen, he/she should be extremely careful about the little details of his/her resume. Lastly, the format of the resume should be consistent and clear for one’s potential employer to read. From this workshop hosted by the STARR center, I have gained a variety of helpful information about resume crafting.

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