Blog post #1 (Due Feb 17th)

Mohammed_Nabil_Islam (Blog#1 Student Life)

One of the many popular aspects of Baruch College is its enriched and successful clubs. There is no club left which a person can wish for. And all of them are highly augmented. One of the most enhanced clubs is “Finance & Economics Society (FES) at Baruch College”. I had heard of this club before even joining Baruch. As the world will always be dependent on finance so we need proper men in the industry. FES is doing that. They are trying very hard to teach the Baruch students how to be professional and also giving a broad idea about respective industries. They are trying to eradicate the gap, the transition between a college student and a professional business person.

As my intended major is Finance so I can think no better than this club. As soon as our college started, I rushed to Student Life Center and found out the total details and schedule of FES. I also came to know that they will be having a welcoming event for the freshmen on the coming Thursday. I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I went there and attended the meeting. At first, members of FES greeted us and then they went on lectures and presentations about the club. They gave us a broad sense about the club and its activity. I found it really useful. They try to improve the mentality, courage, knowledge which is necessary for the professional career that we will need.They also offer internship in various companies, help with the resume and also with the job interview. In a nutshell, they prepare one student into business personnel. In the meeting, they gave us information about market. We learned about finance, investment banking and various other important basics.

We met with Tim (President), Verina (Vice President), Sam (Treasurer), Uzair (Secretary) of FES. We also met with many other helpful guys. Industry is all about right? Networking. I learnt a lot of basics about the industry from that event. I will definitely try to be a part of this club. I loved it. And not to mention “Free Food!!”

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