John Prebble (Blog #1 Student Life)

After looking at the many club opportunities Baruch provided for students I decided to attend a club which peaked my interests, The Mock Trial club. I headed up to the 13th floor and entered room 130. I was instantly confused because the topics being discussed had little to no relation to law or trials. The topics being discussed were about media and misinformation in media. I soon after learned that in these first few weeks a few clubs were being held in the same rooms. In fact, I wasn’t in the presentation of the Mock Trial club but rather in the presentation of The Republican club. This was initially a shock to me since it probably would have never crossed my mind that I would ever attend any Republican gathering. After considering leaving I decided I would stay the whole event. We talked about biased media, Trump’s election, liberals in the U.S. and how biased media effected people views. We also watched a few entertaining and a few informative videos related to the topics we discussed. While I didn’t agree with most of the people’s opinions at the club I did learn about a different perspective. Towards the end a few people had heated arguments with each other, mostly related to the ‘liberal media’ and president Trumps rhetoric, which was about a good form of entertainment and a good demonstration of politics today. All in all, what I did on my Thursday afternoon was definitely not something I would 0f seen myself doing. Yet now as I think of my day I am glad things turned out the way they did. I learned about a completely different perspective to political events that are occurring today. I also met quite a few interesting people who I probably would have never met otherwise.

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