Future History

History is in the making. You as a student are learning about the history that has occurred hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. Our grandchildren will not only be studying what we have learnt, but the events that are taking place in our lifetime, imagine what kind of history textbooks they’ll be carrying around? History is being collected and archived for future references.It is important to have more than just one perspective of a historical event because even though the information is correct it may not be as specific or accurate as other sources.Therefore one should research and read many sources.

Twitter has donated its digital archive of public tweets to the LOC for historians in the future to study the way people lived, this is a kind of primary source.

A primary source is a direct source of information from a person who is a witness to the historical event that occurred. A primary source would be more accurate than any other kind of source because its directly from the person who experienced it for example diaries, photographs and letters.


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