Glad I’m Not Going To Be A Historian

Glad I’m not going to be a historian. If there is one thing I’ve learned about historical sources and evidences, it’s that everything is always subjective. Though primary sources are undoubtedly our best resource for understanding history and the past, even they alone cannot tell us the true untainted and untouched story.

As the famous quote by Dan Brown goes, “History is always written by the winners.” Who knows how much of our current history are truly lies. With so many angles and directions to take at a certain event/story, it is hard if not near impossible to truly depict an event untainted. As even Luke (the blog commenter) over from our blog post reading

mentioned, “A Twitter archive is going to have a lot of fat in it, to be sure, but it will no doubt be of use.” That in reality is probably true to history as a whole. With so many takes and angles in understanding history and events, how do we truly understand and inscribe history to the future generations? That is something I’m glad I won’t have to do, rummaging through stockpiles of sources, separating the truth from the lies, stripping the bias from the words and at the end, form an overall detailed and unbiased story for the future. I’m glad I’m not a historian.

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