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Just when we thought we could trust our history books, along comes David W. Blight and his book ” Race and Reunion ”.  A book about the American Civil War and it’s effects even after the war was over, “Race and Reunion” illustrates the Civil War (as well as events that stemmed as a result of the Civil War) in a different light. He gives the reader a plethora of facts that you wouldn’t find in your everyday American History textbook. Did you know that before the 1913 Gettysburg reunion, Woodrow Wilson dismissed many of the black employees of the federal government and imposed rigid segregation on the reminder? Neither did I.

To me, It’s evident that Eric Foner enjoyed Mr. Blight’s book. He couldn’t give the book enough compliments throughout his review. He even went as far as to say ” “Race and Reunion” is the most comprehensive and insightful study of the memory of the Civil War yet to appear”. After reading this review, “Race and Reunion” would be the first book I would suggest to someone looking to study the American Civil War and it’s lasting effects on the United States.

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