Its hard to give an accurate impression…

What we may see it as the reality or the truth in history, may sometimes be false or inaccurate. Since many of the writings created about historical events may  include the authors opinion. Thus  readers may receive a different impression than what the event may really have been. David W. Blight’s Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory discusses about how Americans remember the Civil War after 50 years. This book definitely captured my attention and i would like to read into his studies in detail. The most important topic the book introduces is how the African american slaves were treated during and after the war. This topic is not much discussed in our ordinary textbooks and may allow many readers of all age to realize the reality of the war.

Eric Foner seems to have really liked the book, since he positively comments the  content of the book. This article made me realize the importance of historical memory. This book review states that even after the war the reconciliationist vision of the war still remains in our memory. So it is important to realize the reality of the war and how we remember this war.

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