Political freedom

One type of freedom discussed by Foner is Political freedom.  An example of political freedom would be different groups of people like women or african americans obtaining the right to vote.  As these groups gained more political freedom they also gained more power and more say.  It wasn’t just White men conrolling and making every decision because after women and african americans gained more political freedom they could influence elections, laws, and anything else that had to be voted on.

Political freedoms were not realized in the short run.  It took all the until 1920 for the nineteenth ammendment to be passed guaranteeing women the right to vote.  It took women a very long time to gain political freedom in the United States.  African Americans had a very hard time gaining full political freedom in the United States.  Technically, they were allowed to vote after the 15th ammendment was passed, but they were discouraged and pretty much completely prevented from voting by things like poll taxes literacy tests and even violence.  It wasn’t until 1965 when the voting rights act was passed by congress that african americans really gained the right to vote.

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