September 2nd assignment

The David Blight book sounds interesting to me for a couple of different reasons.  One interest i would have in the book is that it shows how history is not always one true story.  History is debated over and constructed in many different ways based on how people tell the story.  For example people from the south will argue that the north never won the Civil War and people from the north say that they did win the war.  History can be told ffrom different perspectives so there will never be one definite and true story about what really happened.  David Blights book shows aspects from different groups of people on the civil war, so someone who is trying to figure out the true civil war story would benefit from reading this book because they will have more than one opinion.  Historical Memory is a very important part of history.  The review by Eric Foner shows that historical memory is constructed and faught over for many years it is not finite.

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