Power to the People!

Eric Foner discusses many types of freedoms in chapter 15, but the one thing that really caught my attention was freedom that allowed blacks to hold offices.  During reconstruction about 2,000 African Americans occupied public offices. Since the 15th amendment was passed blacks are now allowed to vote. African Americans and formers slaves can now vote for the people they feel best represent them and can benefit them. Even though African- Americans did no play a role in reconstruction politics they still wanted to run for office and finally be able to voice their opinions in this government that they are now allowed to partake in.

Supreme Court Justices

Educated African American held many offices prior to 1877. African Americans were in every part of the government from the house of representatives to the senate. Fourteen were elected on the national House of Representatives and two were senators of Mississippi.  One of these senators, Blanch K. Bruce was a former slave. This shows that this freedom was most definitely realized in the short run because blacks can now hold office.

Not only was this freedom realized in the short run it is still guaranteed today. Since the abolition of slavery, the passing of the 15th amendment, and advances in civil rights all American citizens are now equal without regards to race. This is very evident since many of our powerful offices are held by African Americans. Clarence Thomas plays a very important role in the Judiciary branch since he is a supreme court justices. An even better example of how this freedom is realized in the long run is that now we have an African American president.

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