Cowbys in The 1800’s

During the beginning the industrial age, the cowboys were witnessing a very big boom in the cattle industry. The usual way for the cowboys to transport the cattle was through the Shawnee trails . As America grows they start building railroads more and more west which had helped the cowboys transport more cattle.

But this was the last of the reign of the cowboys. as years go by to the mid 1800’s the jobs for the cowboys were weakening. farmers would close off most of their property which would limit the so called open range for the cowboys.

The farmers were emerging as the main food source, they would raise the cattle and soon kill it themselves, as a result it limited the use and need of the American cowboy, the cattle that would be left over in the grassy fieldsĀ  were soon destroyed as well because of the climate change and the sever winters. thisĀ  was one of the most important causes in the downfall of the cowboy age.

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