Two faced.

The many faces of Andrew Carnegie- as the tight-fisted employer he reduced the wages of his hard working employers so that he may play philanthropist.

The name Andrew Carnegie is one of the most well known names in American history. He accumulated both enormous wealth and economic power. He founded the Carnegie Steel Company, which paved the way for a booming steel industry. He was known as one of the top business tycoons of his day and age. However, it was because of men like this, men who sought to eliminate their competitors that monopolies began to form.

Nevertheless, there was more to Andrew Carnegie then meets the eye. He was also a philanthropist. He donated much of his money, and helped establish numerous libraries throughout towns all across the country. However, one must ask does one good deed or even thousands make up for ruling with such a strict iron fist as he did. He had his factories open nonstop. Many of his employees had to work double 12 hour shifts at extremely low pay. He eventually sold his business to J.P. Morgan and focused solely on his philanthropic views.

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