Evolution or Genocide?

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, January 24, 1863, page 285. Artist: W. H. Childs

In this Newspaper clipping, it depicts the largest execution in American History.  This was a result of a six week war over the “Treaty of Traverse de Sioux.”   The treaty was the transformation of the Dakota territory into the hands of the government.  It was  supposed to place the Native Americans into reservations, and reimburse the debt of all traders occupying the land.  Most of the funds were given to the white traders, and the reservations were never instituted.  Overflowed with starvation and betrayal,  attacks from the Sioux started on the white settlers.

After loosing the battle and surrendering to the U.S. Army, 303 Sioux Indians were sentenced to death.  Lincoln issued for  38 of them to be executed, as illustrated.  The rest were put into a camp, where they died of other things.

I find this whole time period to be depressing.  The greed of expansion and of development, came from the price of the Native Americans blood.  It was evolution for the “white” American, but the ongoing genocide of the “Native”  American.

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