Frances Willard

The 1800’s was the rise of the woman era, during this time woman were still not allowed to vote but still got a lot of benefits which included giving married woman the control their own wages, properties and the jobs they wanted to work in.

in 1874 Frances Willard the president of the   the Woman’s Christians Temperance Union (WCTU)  was the head of  one of the largest female or organizations in the nation, with over 150,00 members they changed laws that benefited woman until this day some which include a movement of alcoholic beverage  which limited the alcohol consumption of men to a minimum, and in later in the future mad the move to allow woman to vote.

Frances believed that ” A wider freedom is coming to the woman of America ” and she later made that happen with all her contributions.

question 1: why did you decide now (1800’s) to start making a movement to woman freedom, why not earlier?

question 2: Are you fully satisfied with what you accomplished with all the members you gathered and all the movements you led ?

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