Power in Numbers

This is a very frightening picture for Americans because McDonalds represents entreprenuership at its best while the Russian troops represent communism and revolution.

After reading Foner’s coverage of the Red Scare, I feel the topic has been left incomplete in my respects. He covered the basics extremely well and provided a very thorough overview of it but at the same time, I feel that it would have been important to discuss the true threat of communism and it’s attack of capitalism. This issue comes up for the next 100 years so more time should be devoted to truly understanding it at it’s core. When we later start learning about the Cold War and possibly tensions with China, it is vital to understand the heart of the problem and the nature of communism that makes it so attractive to some while repulsive to others.

The questions I would ask Foner are:

How much truth was there in the Red Scare as opposed to the fictitious stories?

How justified was the U.S. government in the actions it took to counter the “threat” of communism?

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