Red White and Blue.

During WWI, “attitudes toward the American flag became a test of patriotism” (Foner 697). The fear of the spread of Communism and anarchism were so great that those who were thought to be disloyal, were forced to kiss the flag. Thus, patriotism occurred.

During that time, the art/act of patriotism was displayed everywhere. In the eyes of the people, it laid the foundation of propaganda during that time. The American flag was displayed everywhere in advertisement, which allowed the public to feel patriotic everywhere they went. Loyalty to the country also submerged; Americans believed that America is superior;extreme pride in America also occurred. Foner described patriotism in WW1 in the eyes of the individual, educators, and political parties. He elaborates about how different groups acted toward patriotism.

1. Did people question their patriotism and how it helped their questions of war?

2. If one was unpatriotic, were they sentenced to jail or were they too afraid to show their feelings?

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