The Rise Of Garveyism

One of the changes that began to occur in the US during World War I was the rise of garveyism. Garveyism started by Marcus Garvey was a movement that involved the self-pride of African Americans. It was to encourage African Americans to stand up for themselves for equal rights. It involved the support of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and those who are in support/favor of the UNIA are said to be believers of Garveyism.

The problem with this particular topic of the rise of garveyism is that Eric Foner’s coverage of this topic is rather limited. The whole rise of garveyism is covered in only 1 albeit a long paragraph. It probably however cannot be helped since it’s only a summary coverage of World War I.

Questions I am left wondering about are

1. What kind of mail fraud did he commit so bad that he had to be deported away?

2. Does freedom of speech not protect his rights when he committed the “mail fraud”?

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